The Ultimate Documentary

The Ultimate Documentary

The Santa Barbara Condors quest to retain Ultimate Frisbee's National Championship while struggling to stay true to the sport's counter-culture roots.

The Santa Barbara Condors quest to retain Ultimate Frisbee's National Championship while struggling to stay true to the sport's counter-culture roots. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar I (es) wrote: It is important to note the context that this is viewed and reviewed after watching the highly popular TV series which goes by the same name. So some of the observations (maybe most) could be comparative in nature. The simplistic approach at times exploitative of the premise is what works the best - there is some genuine fun to be had. However it was far too ambitious and ahead of its times and doesn't seem to have aged too well especially the technology part - for that matter it is the same case even with the current TV series. Delos Westworld is a futuristic theme park accessible via an hovercraft consisting of 3 worlds - Lawless Western, Roman and Medieval. It provides a real escape vacation to its visitors to have a time of their lives without fear of consequences. All the worlds are populated with sophisticated robots that look, talk and behave like humans where each are programmed a character and a narrative - but one rule abides them all - never harm a guest. The supervisor at the park's service facility starts to observe an increasing trend of malfunctioning robots leading to unprogrammed behavior by the hosts.Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin) is visiting the theme park for the first time with his buddy John Blane (James Brolin) who has been there before. When a gunslinger (Yul Brynner) teases Peter at a saloon and eggs him on for a duel, after initial reluctance Peter draws his gun and kills the gunslinger. This ice breaker works well for Peter who starts to have fun along with James going from one adventure to another including another slaying of the gunslinger. When the robots unprogrammed behavior continues to rise, the management decides to stop further guests from coming in and plans to deal with it. Can it be contained or will it spiral out of control?The theme park expanding to other genre worlds like medieval and Roman is exciting to watch even while the primary focus still remains in the Westworld. Michael Crichton is one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers of this generation but not known for his subtlety, he takes this to whole new level by helming the director's seat for this one. His trademark mix of mainstream action and highly researched science fiction is highly evident and works again here. The production values has to be appreciated, it looks grand and adequate by all means when watching the movie but when you think back on the scale - more is shown than spent. The leads Richard Benjamin and James Brolin seems to be having the time of their lives with breezy performances while the eternal foreigner Yul Brynner does a menacing villain with his trademark bald head, walk and accent. What starts off as a fun adventure quickly turns into a slasher movie (scenario is setup right from the beginning though) but competently held together by a masterful performance by Yul Brynner. It is interesting to watch which at times makes you wonder the wishful thinking towards AI during the 70s itself (not to forget the HAL9000 of the 60s). What sets it apart from the TV series especially for me is there are no dreaming, feeling or hallucinating robots here - that just comes off as silly for me. An adventure you'd wish to be in!! Funny, intelligent, corny and what not!!

mark d (nl) wrote: Winner Film of the Festival (Feature) Raindance Film Festival 2013. Nominated British Independent Film Awards 2013.

John E (br) wrote: A Paranormal Activity premise crosses with a Blair Witch Project style of camera, and the final is a horrible mash-up of the two ideas.

Morgan A (ru) wrote: The best Steven Seagal -movie in years :) He hasen't looked this "healthy" and happy in a movie for years. Written and produced this one himself. Even that it is shot in Romania and a low budget B-movie, still very good acting and down-to-earth action/thriller (felt almost like a documentary, but in a good way) Steven is back to "old style" fighting with lots of Aikido and many funny oneliners. Not bad. (plenty of girls with silicone-free boobs for all you guys too ;)

Jose M (ag) wrote: What Bobbi Sue Luther lacks in her brain, she makes up for it with her bosoms. Laid to Rest, written and directed by, is huge on the gore and special effects, but very little on character, dialogue, acting, and brains. The film centers on an unidentified young girl (Bobbie Sue Luther) who is on the run from once again a killer without much personality. The image of the killer is pretty nice at some parts while other scenes he looks clich (C). Meanwhile, our female is rather annoying when she opens her mouth which she should have died early in the film or kept it shut to make this film a pleasure. She sputters every line with an idiotic overtone, but what she lacks in her brain, she makes up for it with her bosoms. Kevin Cage and Sean Whalen provide little support to the acting and are just as bad as Luther although never too annoying. The film then has them going back and forth from one location to another without either one using brains. The film manages to grasp in its special effects which provides us with decapitations, disembowelments, and maiming that are all administered with cruelty. They are impressive, but never too frightening. The rest of the plot of Laid to Rest is covered in a lot of plot holes, idiotic episodes, and very bad acting that it is actually competitive to the equally awful crap Halloween Night.

Ryan J (de) wrote: Altered starts with a trio of rednecks hunting in the dark in the bush for something, they are armed and ready. They catch what they are after and head to an old friends place with their trophy, still alive. The catch though, is an alien and what transpires is that these 4 men all reveal that they share something together, an alien abduction that left one of their brothers dead, their lives in ruins. It's payback, but, they have to survive the night first.Some very good practical effects and make-up and some good gore keep this interesting. The cast and film crew try hard to make this an entertaining film but it has quite a boring middle section after a pretty decent opening sequence. If you are a fan of the genre you shall enjoy it, definitely has some decent moments but it just doesn't drag me along for entire ride.

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William T (ca) wrote: Delightful however I would much rather have it in stop-motion. Aardman CGI doesn't exactly work it for me.

Jason S (gb) wrote: I put this in as background noise while I organized paperwork. I don't care about surfing.

lisa s (ag) wrote: made me cry within the first 5 mins a true gem and a film that makes u think about life