The Ultimate Ninja

The Ultimate Ninja

A twenty year old feud between Ronald, a benevolant village leader and Roger, an evil tyrant, leaves Ronald dead and Roger running the village with an evil bunch of ruffians. Ronald's three children have been split up and are now young adults. Jimmy, the eldest, has been in training for 20 years to extract revenge upon his father's killer and retain control of the village. Meanwhile, evil Ninja leader Victor has stolen the Black Ninja Warrior from Charles, the new leader of the Red Ninjas. Charles sets out to recapture the Black Ninja Warrior and prevent Victor from stealing the Gold Ninja Warrior. Jimmy heads for the village to get Roger as Charles begins his quest to find and destroy Victor. Jimmy has doubts: will he take back the village, will he be re-united with his brother and sister and will he deal with Roger? But Charles is confident that his good Ninja powers will defeat the evil power.

A twenty year old feud between Ronald, a benevolant village leader and Roger, an evil tyrant, leaves Ronald dead and Roger running the village with an evil bunch of ruffians. Ronald's three... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Syed R (gb) wrote: This is what Unfriended desperately wanted to be but never could. I really enjoyed it, it's got likeable people, believable scenarios/logic, and is actually saying something. For those that want to know what are some of the best found footage films out there, this is definitely one of them.

Jens S (de) wrote: Where the first part restricted itself to the raid on a crime lord's building complex, the second hardly deserves the title anymore. While you can't blame the movie for fleshing out its story with some mob disputes, betrayal and undercover work, the story simply isn't worth the effort. It even takes some impact from the once again impressive fight choreography. Of course, the final car chase and showdown fight still make up for a lot. But in the end you wish you simply would have made to care about any of this a lot more, instead of just being impressed by the fight artists work.

ryan w (us) wrote: I could rip this franchise as a whole all day long, but let's stick to the basics. Ex machina out the wazoo, recycled cliches, and questionable direction leads this movie to the bottom of the barrel. It almost felt a rehash of the far superior film The Strangers. The only difference being hey we are trying to make a statement directed to society.......YAWN! Standard disposable home invasion movie bottom line.

Janae D (ag) wrote: I love this movie its great and everyone should enjoy it bc its funny???'?'?'?'?

Manny C (jp) wrote: Arthur Newman, starring Oscar winner Colin Firth, is dour, strains credulity and plays like a lame tv movie that even Lifetime wouldn't be caught dead airing. Director Dante Ariola, working from a debut script by Becky Johnston that is reportedly a few decades old, takes Firth and the equally talented Emily Blunt on a typical road movie journey, but one where pretty much nothing happens. Having faked his death and abandoned his family, Firth, taking the alias Arthur Newman, attempts to start anew. He comes across thief Blunt, also traveling under a false name, and the two set out to Terre Haute, Ind. where Arthur apparently has an offer to be a resident golf pro at some club. In short, Firth makes an unbelievable sad sack, while Blunt struggles with a poorly written role. This is indie filmmaking that gives indie filmmaking a bad name. Here's a movie that has no reason for being.

Christopher H (ca) wrote: Intriguing up until the first big reveal, the remainder of "Columbus Circle" becomes a downward spiral of reveal-reveal-reveal, to the point of its twists meaning very little by the end. What helps keep the film afloat is the perfect cast, including some above average performances from Selma Blair and Amy Smart. Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee also carry their roles respectfully, turning what could have been a dismal "B" thriller, into a sub-par yet ultimately enjoyable "mystery".

Arun K (es) wrote: Somehow the movie doesn't perform when compared to its predecessor and is slightly disappointing. A weak villain comprises the entire story. Robert Downey Jr. just carries the movie on his shoulders.

Bethany C (ru) wrote: This was an awesome movie and probaly my favorite.

Leena L (it) wrote: Double sigh. Anthony Hopkins with long hair living with Gorillas. Anthony Hopkins in mental hospital/prison. Things happen. Anthony disappears. Second sigh: dubbed in German.

Michiel D (jp) wrote: What the hell was this?

Chase G (es) wrote: I got nothing. This movie is as bad as Rugrats go Wild and mysterious especially when The Sun rises up without the rooster.

Tim S (de) wrote: Christian Slater's Masterpiece! Just kidding. :)

Mario H (au) wrote: The effects were not that great and the story moved way to fast. Plus, the story was not that great.

Matt M (us) wrote: The Carry On crew is on a safari on the jungle, where they encounter vicious tribes and the usual sexual innuendo. Tiring comedy with rare amusing moments.

Paul D (de) wrote: A bit on the sentimental side but all the same a good POW movie that gets its brutal message across.

Yana I (us) wrote: A girl is raised by her father in a forest to be a perfect assassin and go on a mission. The description makes the movie sound very promising, like it's a good action filled movie maybe more on a dark side.Well that's where i was wrong when starting this movie.Absolutely all the action that was happening was quite horrible. It was both performed very lousy and in general it was unrealistic.Most importantly, though, i feel like the action and the fighting seemed to be really out of place. Often it looked like some kind of coming of age indie movie, with its cinematography, the dialogues and the scenes during the more calm moments with the family: in the camp and on the road. At those times i wished it was a coming of age indie film because those shots seemed to be the best ones, not the action filled ones.Maybe i have a very subjective view on how action should look like, i don't know, but surely i'm not the only one noticing the plot holes. Because they seemed to be all over the place.To begin with i really don't understand why the base was in Morocco and not in the US, but let's pretend they wanna show us how the US government is everywhere, WHO KNOWS.Why Marissa hired those three barely trained skinheaded thugs if it was the matter of the national security?Why was she the only one so concerned about it?And the thing that still haunts me after i've finished the film: why did it look like Marissa had something very personal going on with Hanna? Up until the end i expected her to say she's her mother or something just as crazy, reveal some big plot twist at the end but i'm left unsatisfied and confused.Cate Blanchett's acting was as usual amazing, and her character really did look in pain near the end everytime she looked at Hanna, like she wanted to say her something, like she was some kind of her long lost daughter she was oh so relieved to finally find, i don't know. I feel like a part of the movie was cut out and no one told me anything.One more thing besides the slower scenes and Blanchett's acting that made the movie not as ridiculous as it could be was the soundtrack. Amazing tracks by the Chemical Brothers that didn't deserve the scenes they were placed on.Underwhelming and dissapointing.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Memories of the Sword does it best with its title characters, but it doesn't save it from a miscasted Kim Go-Eun. The quick cut editing and over-stylized action scenes are the ones featuring her, so I'm guessing they were trying to mask the lack of skill she had. I noticed that Byung-hun Lee and Do-yeon Jeon's action scenes are well done, so it must have been her. Those two main players are acting circles around the protagonist, who does nothing but cry and emote a lot throughout the film. The story would have been better if it had a less melodramatic and slow motion filled finale. The movie shifts in tone way too much, with some noticeable CGI in the weaker part. Ultimately its the lead protagonist's lack of character that kills the film. She spends most of the film getting hurt or crying when emotional bombshells hit her. Everyone else seems to do a good job, so its the editor and main actress's fault that the film suffers so much. If all of the fight scenes were re-done with smoother camera work/editing, it would have made for a much for satisfying film.