The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior

Only a few people still live in New York in 2015. They are organized in gangs with their own turf. One of them is led by Baron, another one by Carrot, and they are constantly at war with each other.

Atomic holocaust is not the only plague that threatens our future. New York City, 2012 A.D.: In a devastated world, one tired man finds a reason to fight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave M (nl) wrote: "Hey, I didn't eat your brother."

Luis C (us) wrote: A pesar de ser una mala pelcula, es buena en varios sentidos. Vamos primero con sus puntos malos: No sostiene una continuidad con la anterior, salvo por sus personajes, regresan Van Damme, Ludgren y Arlovski con los que al parecer son sus mismos personajes, pero nos pierden por completo al no incluir al Capitn Burke de la anterior del que se supona iban a introducirlo al programa UniSol (Soldado Universal) o incluso presentar al personaje de Van Damme como un villano, aunque eso lo dejar ms adelante. Y sigue cambiando la ciencia ficcin con el gore, an cuando s dejan ver alguno que otro guio a este gnero literario pero sin tantos efectos y ms lgica y dilogo.De entrada nos muestran a un sanguinario Deveraux que asesina la familia de John, quien al parecer ahora es un UniSol cuyas habilidades desconoca. Sin embargo este giro de la trama, aunque muy predecible, suena interesante salvo que ahora los desertores del programa UniSol que se clasifican como iluminados no dejan de verse como unos zombies aunque hayan salido del programa. No establece la trama qu tan al futuro est de los acontecimientos de la pelcula anterior. Sin embargo este giro le da un aire fresco tal vez para cambiar de personajes y continuar en un futuro con la saga con otros actores. Me parece que lo mejor es su desenlace aunque muy tardado. Muy recomendable an cuando no haya visto las anteriores y guste de las pelculas de balazos sin sentido. Y ver a hombres extra musculozos golpearse unos a otros como muy machos. De esas cosas que a veces se extraan en el cine actual con tanta malla y tanta capa o mscara :D

Wes S (kr) wrote: Classic sci-fi, but fairly generic for it's time. Slurpasaurs, oh boy. At least it's not stock footage. The characters are bland, and there isn't a ton of dinosaur action. The story is timeless, but the execution is a bit slow, and it never seems to reach a climax. A decent adventure, but not the most impressive adaption.

mar m (au) wrote: mmmmmmmmm ... .......

Chris D (ag) wrote: Great Family Movie...

Julia R (ca) wrote: aside from a jolting pace, flawless

Kevin N (mx) wrote: This film is pretty much comprised of one joke, but it's a very good joke, and Aki Kaurismaki's signature deadpan style gives the story enough of a healthy dose of baldfaced absurdity to make it very worth watching. It never reaches the "bad band" precedent set by Spinal Tap in Rob Reiner's hysterical masterpiece from a few years earlier, but it does have some of its own merits. One is the band's look, a uniformed bizarreness that never stopped cracking me up. Each of the seven or eight band members has a windblown chock of hair that looks like the product of a mating between a mohawk and a shag cut, ending in a jagged point several inches further than the boys' noses. Equally sharp-tipped are the musicians' shoes, which are black and jet out and curl. They all look like homeless, overgrown elves, and they act like them too. Kaurismaki gave the part of the band manager Vladimir to Matti Pellonpaa, a hilarious ordinary-faced actor who has given the director some of his best performances over the years. According to Vladimir the band is run like a democracy, which is Kaurismaki's chance to throw in a political shot or two; in a scene late in the movie the boys overthrow their manager and live like kings, but eventually Vladimir wriggles back into his crown and the band members do very little to resist, falling back into complacency without so much as a cry to oppose it. The film is also a dead-on portrait of small-time rock and roll bands in America. They play in trashy bars where no one listens to them, eat onions -or nothing- for dinner while Vladimir scarfs down sandwiches in private, and morph the style of their music to fit their audience. In one of the funniest sequences, the Cowboys play a biker bar in Texas; they begin with a pretty catchy original song and get boos and yawns, but as soon as they start Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" the leather-clad crowd goes nuts. Kaurismaki is a major filmmaker, and this is a minor film; but it is also a refreshing and entertaining reminder that great art house directors sometimes know how to have fun, too.

Private U (es) wrote: A solid wartime actioner features a number of small-scale yet effective battle sequences and a top notch performance by Ryan as the lieutenant determined to get his exhausted men back to safety.

Claudette A (jp) wrote: I didn't know Channing Tatum could dance until I saw 'Magic Mike' which then led me to this film.

EllenRebekah A (it) wrote: The comedy was comedic and adorable. The romance wasn't terribly romantic. But it was fun so I'll take it. And I'm always up for random dancing.

Andrey B (br) wrote: Extremely well acted film about british adoscelent, his routines and relationships with other people.