The Ultimate Weapon

The Ultimate Weapon

Mercenaries, Ben & Vince, are assigned to destroy a stolen military arms cache held by a group of terrorists.

When mercenary "Hardball" Cutter discovers that the team he is working with is actually a group of IRA gunrunners, he decides to put a stop to their plans. Furious with Cutter, the gunrunners target him, his partner, and his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dyl M (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I've only partially seen. I walked out of the theater this sucked so bad. Harrison Ford should be ashamed. Master P?!! really Master P??? Horrid.

Widjaja F (br) wrote: creates the similar atmosphere to brazil, delicatessen, and city of the lost children, but with different touch: no dialog, monochrome in most of the scenes, etc... original story..

Vinny N (de) wrote: Cubicle ennui Temps play existentially Moppy satire

Greg W (au) wrote: Truffaut has taken this factual material and made it into a strange, moody film that belongs very much with the darker side of his work.

Ash J (au) wrote: I found this one based on how great I had heard it was, but once I was about halway through I found myself constantly checking the runtime. I mean it was boring in every single way.

Martin T (mx) wrote: It's a familiar scenario: cop goes undercover to infiltrate a gang, gains their respect, works his way up the ladder, finds an unlikely ally, closes in on the big cheese, something goes wrong, and right when he's about to meet his maker, the tables are turned. It's in a dozen other B-pictures, but it's a classic. This movie is quite a bit more noir than Cry Danger and really nails the look and feel, with a lot of great dialogue. Broderick Crawford is terrific in the lead, reminds me of Paul Douglas but with a tougher edge. Pretty good casting all around, actually, including a minor role for Ernest Borgnine and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance by Charles Bronson. It's hard to call this a great film, but it scratches the noir itch.

Patrick S (us) wrote: Quite possibly the strangest Steven Seagal movie ever made. It has 60's Batman crooked angles, a sorcerer, a transvestite assassin and a whole bunch of other strange things. But it is kinda entertaining, especially this early in Seagal's DTV career.

nick s (gb) wrote: yeah right! dream on!

bill s (gb) wrote: I like schlocky horror movies of the late 70's early 80's and this fits that bill.