The Unborn

The Unborn

A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

When inexplicable things start to happen, Casey begins to understand why her mother left her. Now she must find a way to fight the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (fr) wrote: Was happy to finally check this one out, as it is filled with the a ton of people I know at least peripherally via Twitter, waxing nostalgic about their favorite hobby. While I can't say that I fully share the same love of the medium, I do find the look back at the Mom & Pop video stores and the various elements of their collecting bug quite charming.Recommended!

Jonathan P (br) wrote: Snoop Lion uses this documentary to show a culture that many will never understand and one that comes off as more an excuse to be permafried rather than enlightened. The good parts of the documentary are the snippets of the past while Snoops new journey seems to be an attempt to smoke as much marijuana as possible rather than progressing his career which closely resembles what the point of the film seems to be.

Jason H (ag) wrote: After a ten year vacation from the comedy scene Sinbad is back and better than ever.

Dylan B (br) wrote: Business is booming!

Annelie S (it) wrote: En st och varm film. Men nnstans knns den lite "B" nd. Kan inte bestmma mig om den r bra eller om den r lite t det pinsamma hllet. Tror dremot att det r Mikael Nyqvist som gr hela filmen. En av sveriges bttre skdespelare tycker jag.

Valentin G (us) wrote: Great performance from Sean Penn but this is the kind of film who want to make you cry necessarily without prior warning. 5.5/10

David L (nl) wrote: Lou Ye's audacious retelling of "Vertigo," thrust into the decaying heart of a modernizing China, has "stream-of-consciousness" written all over it: the literal title (and Shanghai landmark) pervades each disconnected soul and twisted memory as individuals mull over illusions of lost love. Lou's borrowing of Wong Kar-wai's improvisatory jump-cutting and Brechtian narration work well to an extent here, but it's the film's distinctive aura that makes it work: "Suzhou River", like its namesake and characters, seems to exist purely in a dream state amidst the stark neorealism of an all-too-real urban setting.

Bogdan S (br) wrote: One of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. It unfolds around the 1972 Munich massacre and I had a feeling as if I was there, watching it live. The things that shocked me most were the incompetence of German police and the arrogance of the Olympic management. These guys acted like a bunch of troubled teenagers and as a result, things developed in a most tragical way possible...Great prequel to Spielberg's Munich.

Ron B (au) wrote: My Favorite Movie, John Candy is the Best ever

Benjamin (au) wrote: Its a plain rip off of High School Musical and Camp Rock and did not hit the high notes with me it gets 3 stars for Tammin Sursok

David B (ca) wrote: Stupid but amusing comedy. As a previous reviewer said, perfect for a wet sunday.

Scott C (ru) wrote: A textbook example of how to take terrific source material and completely ruin it.

Kristal C (ru) wrote: Oh wow. I don't know where to start: the creepy nun, Manly Combover and his crazy outfits, the nymomaniac named Lovely, the bizarre breastbaring catfight, the slo mo murder scene that goes on long enough for you to take a bathroom break. So much goodness in one 90 minute package. I wish there had been a sequel.

William W (mx) wrote: I watched this in a double-bill with the like-minded 'The Wild Women of Wongo', and it was enjoyable and entertaining. I was curious because I had found, also in Mill Creek 50-packs (I think the same one, 'Nightmare Worlds', though it could have been 'Drive-In Movie Classics') Tallas' much-later 'Cataclysm', which, though low-budget, was atmospheric and decent, and the horror portmanteau 'Night Train of Terror', which had a condensed version of that film, much later directed by Tallas, in a collaboration with two others.I'm glad I saw this once, as it was charming and fun, but I was fortunate it was short and didn't outstay its welcome. Worth a watch if you can stand the faded colour of the brutal print quality and that it's hacked to full frame screen format.

Martin T (es) wrote: Directed by Melville, but it's got Cocteau's stamp all over it. His voice is unmistakable... both his literary voice (he wrote the novel) and his actual voice (he performs the narration). It even looks like a Cocteau film. I'm rather indifferent to Cocteau (I'm not even sure if I like La Belle et la Bete that much anymore) so I didn't get much out of it. I can't point to any particular flaws, but I didn't connect with it on any level. All I can say is: eh, it was okay.

Caio A (kr) wrote: A genius way of approaching Shakespeare... Without a doubt on my top 10 list of favorite films.