The Unbroken

The Unbroken

A drama based on the 1985 plane crash that caused 520 deaths, the worst aviation event in Japanese history.

A drama based on the 1985 plane crash that caused 520 deaths, the worst aviation event in Japanese history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fabio V (ag) wrote: Lots of raw talent but overall felt a bit short.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: Pensive but never indulgent, Nolot's third film of a tryptic is meditative and poetic. The film waits and watches, like a waning breath, an aging rentboy grappling for meaning in his waning years. It is through the stillness that we begin to observe details - Nolot's frail body, his arthtritic limbs reaching for some sleeping pills, sagging eyelids hiding expressive eyes that search for meaning. The premise is rife with opportunities to indulge but Nolot doesn't let his character nor the characters around him remain in self-pity or loathing and audiences' patience with the slow pace will be rewarded with an experience quite unusual from the usual Hollywood fare. Honest, poignant and at turns funny, Nolot's journey is that of a reckoning, a reckoning of an aging whore - in all his glory.

Adriano B (es) wrote: Stephen Chow's has really a thing for James Bond flick: lucky us, i'd say, for, sure, the movie is random and doesn't go nowhere, but in an awsome manner. too many spoofs to list them all and the chinese ultimate weapon we know and love: the butcher knife!

Antony V (mx) wrote: BON FILM DE SERIE W OU Z.

Christopher E (es) wrote: Even with a great performance from Shia LaBeouf and a strong start, "Disturbia" slowly faded as the movie progressed.Following the death of his Father, a young boy finds himself in a bit of trouble at school, leading to a lengthy house arrest. While under house arrest, he's left with little electronics and no freedom. In complete boredom, he begins to take close watch of his neighbors. Without warning, he soon realizes that one of his neighbors could be a dangerous criminal that's hiding a deep, dark secret. Shia LaBeouf has been under a lot of fire throughout his life. After starring as a young teen in the highly-grossing "Transformers" franchise, he's constantly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, I still look at him as an actor, and I think he's a phenomenal one when put in the right scenarios. This was one of those situations where I thought he was the highlight of the entire film, giving a great performance and leading the charge. There are some moments where he's really giving it his all and it actually has an effect on you, so he definitely deserves some recognition for this performance. The movie is decent entertainment overall and the chemistry between characters isn't horrible by any means. This is the kind of movie that you can casually plop in for mindless entertainment or ambient background noise, but it gets weaker as you try and deconstruct the actual film. A lot of things are there just for show and it logically doesn't add to the story, and it's there just to be there. Speaking of which, this movie lost a lot of credit due to its endless supply of eye candy, stalker like shots. I get it, Kale is stuck in his room all day and it's hard not to spy on his stunning new neighbor. However, this movie crosses the line between cute, and stalker-ish. Just about everything comes off in a stalker manner, and it creeps you out more than anything. His actions and the camera shots make you more uncomfortable more than anything, and it really was a lazy effort by the director.In the end, there's not much to say about this movie. It's a simple movie with plenty of lackluster aspects and mindless entertainment. It's fine for the most part but it makes you cringe on more than one occasion.

Ian B (nl) wrote: Very twisted psycho killer film reminiscent of Maniac but rather than gore, this seems to focus on fire. Still a lot of nudity and brutality. Makes you feel kind of grimy afterwards. Very underrated

Greg W (jp) wrote: good paranoid thriller

Nick L (mx) wrote: Entrapment minus Catherine Zeta Jones + Ocean's Eleven minus 6 members equals ... bleh.