The Undead

The Undead

Two psychics send a woman back in time to find out about her past-life experiences. She goes back as Helene, a woman from the Middle Ages who is to die at dawn under suspicion of being a witch. Then in an attempt to save Diana, and to keep all of time from being distorted, Quntis goes back in time to possibly convince Helene to let herself be killed. If she avoids her death, it will change history.

A beautiful woman is sent back in time via hypnosis to the Middle Ages where she finds she is suspected of being a witch, and subject to being executed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan B (ru) wrote: Very good movie and full of action. I call it a MUST WATCH but one problem is that there is so much swearing.

Konstantinos R (de) wrote: Interesting parallels between the movie they produce and the climaxing struggle against the privatization of water

Jeff H (de) wrote: Sloppy Seconds & The Happy Finish have potential to be edited down to one kick-ass sequel, and in some scenes that shows, but lots of scenes drag with tongue-in-cheek character development and murky sets, showing that the creators seemed to have gone for the cash over quality, which is a shame because it would've made more money as one good movie instead of two half-assed films that seem to contradict what the producers are aiming for. They also achieved the impossible by making Sloppy Seconds look like quality filming compared to this one in terms of camera work. I had no idea what was going on the entire sewer scene and by the time the film was down to the final survivors I just stopped giving a shit. Still the ending was amazing

Miku P (ca) wrote: Kiinnostava dokumentti epkiinnostavasta aiheesta.

Adam U (kr) wrote: I will say I was dissapointed that Ali Larter didnt make a appearence in this one even if it was for only a couple minutes , Amanda Righetti looked spectaular in here as did Cerina (these 2 alone will have successful careers). it wasnt as good as the 1st one though but still watchible

Nick P (us) wrote: From the creators of "Battle Royale", I couldn't help but expect something pretty big from this movie. But even if I wasn't...this would still be a TERRIBLE film. Where the hell was the yo-yo action? Other than the really hot main actress...this movie is pretty much unwatchable. Seriously...the only reason I gave this movie a 1 star and not 0.5 is because of the main actress and the awesome title.

Andy D (es) wrote: Much better than I thought it would be

Shane D (ru) wrote: It's gotten a little less gritty over time and Denzel's performance is a whirlwind, but perhaps not worthy of an Oscar on reflection.

Keith G (kr) wrote: great film,trevor goddard is one of my fav baddies ever,underrated!

Nick M (gb) wrote: Love the songs, and the way it doesn't try to make all the characters into gods.

Gabrielle H (au) wrote: Witty, creative and funny. Kim Novak does an excellent performance as usual.

Greg W (nl) wrote: not just a comedy more of a dramedy