The Unfaithful Wife

The Unfaithful Wife

Insurance executive Charles suspects his wife Hélène of playing the field, so he has a private detective locate his wife's lover, author Victor Pegala. Confronting Victor, Charles tries to adopt an air of indifference, but the conversation ends with the husband bludgeoning the author to death and then calmly disposing of the evidence. When Hélène is questioned about Victor's murder, she discovers on her own that her husband is guilty. Instead of turning him in, Hélène is so thrilled that Charles cares so deeply about her that she is more in love with him than ever before.

Charles Desvallées has good reasons to believe that his wife is cheating on him and hires a P.D. in order to prove himself right. Once he knows the lover is writer Victor Pégala, he drives ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (fr) wrote: Not the best movie, it's actually pretty pretentious but once you get the flow of things it's pretty good.

Allison D (nl) wrote: started watching and fell asleep. Too many lonnng scenic, no-speaking shots.

Roland K (it) wrote: Film au climat inquietant, legerement oppressant, a la structure interessante un peu lynchienne, mais dont on ne percoit pas la portee de toutes les sequences : une foule d'autres scenes centrales auraient pu etre imaginees sans que cela change le fond (c'est le cas de le dire !) du recit. Beau travail sonore cependant sur les perceptions, les bruits de la nature. Et belle interpretation aussi.

Wes L (mx) wrote: A phenomenal debut feature, perfectly evoking its time, place, and people. It more than makes up for the somewhat thin plot.

Campbell P (nl) wrote: I saw this after I saw the actual movie. There is a ton of action contained. What you should expect from a Tim Burton movie. A

Maria E (es) wrote: How do I actually watch it on here??~

Maggie L (ru) wrote: Hated it. Shot for the sake of making a sequel of a sequel.

Mike N (gb) wrote: pretty good and imaginative. worth seeing.

Timothy S (it) wrote: It's always sad to witness the fall of a potentially great director, and even sadder when that fall happens after only two films. "Repo Man" wasn't a perfect film, but it sure was ambitious and different. Then three years later as a follow-up, Alex Cox gives us "Walker", a confused and bloody mess. There are so many laughs in this that you have to wonder if they were intentional. Witness the scene where Ed Harris signs to his deaf wife and then calls her a bitch, or how all of the action scenes feature some sort of action scene cliche like the slow-motion blood-splatter gun shot and the victims falling head first off a roof. This had a story to tell, and I would have loved to learn something about the mysterious historical figure. But this movie isn't interested in teaching us anything or being an authentic history lesson. In fact, I have no idea what the point was supposed to be. Harris is a fine actor, and he has a few good moments here, but not nearly enough of them. And after Marlee Matlin's Oscar win, she follows it up with a glorified cameo in this mess. She's dead in outside of fifteen minutes. And then there's the jarring, M. Night Shymalan moment when Time magazine and army helicopters show up. What does it all mean? Maybe Cox should clue us in. "Walker" is a dreary movie-going experience. There's a good movie to be made out of this subject matter, but this ain't it.

annie g (es) wrote: Continuer a consigliarlo agli amanti dei libri fino all'ultimo dei miei giorni <3

John M (us) wrote: Just finished watching all 24 episodes of the original series. What a fun ride down memory lane. Was a great time.

Jaime R (us) wrote: Ingmar Bergman knows how to make many viewers laugh just as well as how he knows how to smarten up people who watch his movies.

Lucas M (nl) wrote: Robin Williams delivers one of his best performances of his career in this still relevant drama.

Robert P (br) wrote: I won't say it is better than the first (w/James Caan). But I will say it cranks it up a notch. More of a thrill then before.

Brian B (fr) wrote: Firstly, this movie is in fact the best Western film ever made. It is amazing but it isn't perfect.After 3 men find out that $200,000 is buried under a gravestone, it leads them to race for it. They encounter many different things along the way including the civil war but eventually, they all meet up by the cemetery which leads to a duel.Most famous trilogies as good as they were, never quite captured the charm of the original. But with Leone's "the man with no name" trilogy, the movies kept on getting better as it continued on.Despite the fact that Clint Eastwood's character is labeled as "The Good", he is not much better than the other 2. It's not quite clear why this movie was titled that but it's open for interpretation.The memorable and haunting score does a great job setting up certain scenes and it feels very "Western" to me too.The characters are introduced excellently as always in the opening. The movie often only shows eye contact and body language to convey their personalities. In fact, not a single word is said in the first 10 minutes.Leone has an environment of "every man for himself" as the characters constantly lie and backstab each other as much as possible.The ending when all 3 characters get in a "Mexican standoff" is one of the tensest scenes in cinema. It slowly builds up by the haunting music and the shots of the 3 men getting slowly closer to their guns ready to draw them at any moment.The only thing that bugged me about this movie is that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes for the film to introduce the inciting incident. So the first act is unnecessarily slow moving but that's the only thing I didn't like about this.This is the best Western out there. It's not perfect but its remarkable shots and filmmaking make it a movie well worth viewing a second time.