The Unknown Trilogy

The Unknown Trilogy

Somewhere, between the boundaries of life and death, lays the darkest places in the human heart. In these dimly lit recesses crouch fears older than mankind itself. Yet only by visiting this netherworld from time to time can we hope to unearth what lurks just beyond the grasp of our imaginations. The Unknown Trilogy dares to navigate these shadowy passages in three chilling tales that will make you glad you decided to come along for the ride...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Somewhere, between the boundaries of life and death, lays the darkest places in the human heart. In these dimly lit recesses crouch fears older than mankind itself. Yet only by visiting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon P (jp) wrote: Don't mess with Hanna! Great music by the Chemical Brothers. I could see the video game and fairytale aspects of the movie described by the critics. However, I am adamant that the critics and viewers have seriously underrated this movie.

Tim M (es) wrote: Informative low-budget doc. I would like to see one about Thailand and Indonesia.

Paulette N (ru) wrote: This is what happens when a threesome goes wrong. I supported this film at the theater, and it was a great drama.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Bad movie. While its visual effects are great, and its initial idea is both interesting and unoriginal, the events that unfold are predictable and boring, most of the characters are poorly written and clich (C)d, and all but Bacon's performance are bad.

Pavel S (es) wrote: Despite having a wonderful love story, and a beautiful performance from both Sir Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, the movie has multiple cliches, like that of a spoiled, arrogant young businessman, a rich, benevolent father, and so on. However, I indulge my own subjectivity: the movie was a wonderful combination of love and drama, making it deeply enjoyable.

Robert R (it) wrote: The only interesting thing about this is the effeminate gay character who *surprise* doesn't get constantly picked on by his straight co-workers.

Christopher H (br) wrote: Roger Moore does a very good job in his first outing as James Bond, immediately implementing his expert-level of sly wit that would eventually sculpt 007 into a comedy action hero for the 70's. When it comes to this one and the next (The Man with the Golden Gun), Moore is very much the singular best aspect about them. While certainly a step-above the disappointing "Diamonds are Forever," I don't tend to go back to Moore's first two outings that often. Aside from the fantastic Paul McCartney theme song, Moore, a solid group of villains, and a decent boat chase, this particular entry is pretty average for the most part. The light horror elements sure add a unique flavor but the blaxploitation elements severely date the movie.Also, I really hate Sheriff J.W. Pepper and it boggles my mind that he also appears in the next Bond film. Was this Dukes of Hazards reject really THAT popular!?!

Mago C (au) wrote: A Polish, old-school (but never outdated! still so topical) comedy, par excellence. Depicts all the worse, and funniest, vices of our Polish folk. Nota bene: the folk here are expatriates from the East, after the WWII, therefore the story has a rather Eastern flavour (and language).

Conner R (us) wrote: The true sequel to Fort Apache in that you get to see what happens to Yorke and the remaining troops. This is a lot more of a relationship based movie than the other two, maybe that's what makes it so powerful. John Wayne's performance is even stronger this time around and he plays such a timeless character. The father/son storyline is such a classic representation, but so well done that it doesn't feel stale. John Ford truly is the greatest pioneer in film-making and took all the risks and leaps that no one else dared to do.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Tim Burton obviously tried just a little too hard to be funny when he was making this spoof of 50s and 60s science fiction.

Mark W (kr) wrote: I was actually surprised by this film, Axis of Evil may have been a very slight step up but this film was an even further step up... Admittedly we now need to move away from the Nazi stories and bring it back to modern times because if Band pushes the war stuff any further people will quickly lose interest! The acting may have been pretty bad; but Band produced quite a polished title for what little budget he had! Overall its worth the look but I hope and pray we don't get any-more Nazi efforts!

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Borhan K (gb) wrote: The Darkness stars Kevin Bacon and Mig-Na Wen the woman from E.R & Marvel's AGENTS of SHEILD.The family go on a camping trip to the Grand Canyon and then their son picks up these possessed rocks kinda like Jack and his magic beans but these are no ordinary rocks they have scary demons in them.The story unfolds basically when the son takes these stones from their home and puts them into his room and the evil spirits come out to play as a matter of speaking.The whole story from there is how the family tries to remove the demons from their house.The one thing I noticed was that all horror flicks have to have Dark Shadows. I am not a big fan of Horror flicks as you know however my wife is and I thought this one would be good as it has Kevin Bacon in it however it was slightly better than average.Although PG I still say not suitable for the kiddies at all.