The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter

The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter

A creature of demonic nature, too hideous to have a name, once again terrorizes the college kids that summoned it.

A creature of demonic nature, too hideous to have a name, once again terrorizes the college kids that summoned it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter torrent reviews

Steve W (au) wrote: Secretly Greatly is a film of two halves. It starts off as a charming and playful drama comedy, about a super spy Ryu-hwan pretending to be Dong-hu, the village idiot. Two years pass with nothing, and then two more spies are added to the mix. They await their grand mission, and while doing so bond with the small community of people in the neighbourhood. Their mission comes. Suicide. There is a power shift and a General wants to make things look better by eliminating his squad, so he isn't accused of having a private army.The three spies then rebel and ask questions, despite the North saying no. This is where the tone shifts dramatically. A playful comedy turns into a brutal action flick, full of bullets, blood, and betrayal. The three spies fight for their lives amongst the North, and the NIS who wish to defect them.I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but it harkens to those classic samurai movies where retainers are ordered to commit seppuku, and are attacked if they refuse. The final third act is all out acting, perhaps a bit too much. There are three distinct set pieces, a small fight in an abandoned house, then a two vs group fight in an abandoned apartment complex, and then a roof fight. The action bits seem to be stretched out and is very melodramatic, but that is the only gripe I have about this film.Seamlessly combining, action, drama and comedy, Secretly Greatly is a powerful and entertaining film about loyalty, duty, and human connections.

Bill R (mx) wrote: a decent little movie with a great premise but it was executed poorly. I've said it before, sometimes found footage isn't always the way to go. there could if been better character work through this and great scares had a too notch horror director had his hands on it. when the big finale came up I felt there wasn't much of a connection but it wasn't terrible to watch with the idea if a road trip to find the best haunted house.

Robert H (nl) wrote: I would have thought this film was made by Sushi Typhoon as it has all the makings of one of their films... and yet... it is not. Someone else is making crazy Japanese genre films.Much like most films in this genre, the story is second place to the crazy. There is plenty of crazy in this film but it's not as over the top as others I've seen. The physical FX and prosthetics are pretty sweet though and the end big boss battle is all kinds of bat shit crazy.Unfortunately, Samurai Princess has a story that's a little weird and is almost anime in terms of bizarre but doesn't work on all levels. It's too bad as I do like Kengo Kaji's previous writing efforts Tokyo Gore Police and Uzumaki.

Matthew W (br) wrote: Almost like a filler episode....

Rose S (ag) wrote: Closer es una pelcula con actuaciones excelentes (especialmente de Jude Law y Clive Owen), una historia que te sorprende lo entretenida que llega a ser, y tiene un guin bastante destacable.Si bien a veces resultan algo confusos los sentimientos de los personajes, el final te saca estas confusiones que podes tener y mientras tanto, realmente no importan porque a donde sea que estos sentimientos vayan es genial ver como se mueven.

Tucker S (nl) wrote: Only good one in the series

Robert F (mx) wrote: Solid movie...nothing spectacular71 out of 100

Heidi F (es) wrote: Understated and powerful, Lamerica tells a story of hope and exploitation in post-communist Albania. Though the movie seems almost documentary in style, I was moved; I was riveted to the screen. Even 12 years later, this movie stands out as one of the best I've ever seen.

Faley A (fr) wrote: Good comical one from Almodovar.

Tasos L (it) wrote: Not what i expected from a sequel to a perfect predecessor, but at least you find out what eventually happens to the bad guy number 1....!

Schuch (de) wrote: sangue, sexo, japonesas e tatuagens.. nada como to bom como um filme gore oriental

Tero S (jp) wrote: ummm, if you like softcore gay sex, hairy women, bad dubbing, ugly men or those too happy lads then watch this flick, for those who dont like these or either dont use hard drugs avoid...some might say this is pure art but i doubt it.

Greg W (br) wrote: albert finney channels his inner bogart in this crime drama.

Lara B (gb) wrote: Brilliant. Movie magic. Amazing. Touching tail of a cat. Well-thought concept. Witty and unassuming. I liked the part with the cat. Gave me nightmares.

James B (kr) wrote: Loved this movie when I was a kid!!

Marissa W (es) wrote: Hot vampire erotica.... What's not to like?

Scott M (es) wrote: Terrible not as good as the series

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