The Unwanted

The Unwanted

Carmilla comes to a rural town where her mother mysteriously disappeared years earlier. She is aided in her quest by an emotionally troubled local girl, with whom she becomes romantically involved. Their relationship ignites the wrath of the girl's father, who holds the key to the dreadful truth Carmilla is seeking. Inspired by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's famed Gothic novella.

Carmilla travels to a small rural town to find out what happened to her mother. When she becomes sexually involved with an emotionally fragile waitress, she exposes the secret of her mother's disappearance and incites the wrath of the girl's overprotective father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher P (jp) wrote: What a stupid movie!!!!

Giovanni M (gb) wrote: Dall??autore di ??Super Size Me??, un altro documentario (abbastanza) interessante e (abbastanza) divertente. La pellicola intrattiene bene durante i suoi 93 minuti e, anche se non si prefigge di servire illuminazioni o verit assolute, merita la visione delle persone interessate a capire meglio la situazione in Medio Oriente e il relativo rapporto con l??Occidente.

Rachel A (mx) wrote: Holy crap. This is most likely the worst movie I've ever seen. Ever. I have never seen anyone try so desperately hard to be 'deep' and fail so, so miserably. Yikes.

Ricky W (de) wrote: A powerful and personal movie on child abuse in the catholic church. Ted Danson gave a great performance.

Nigel K (it) wrote: Two of my favourite actress's star but the parts are greater than the whole. I saw the stage play with Hayley Mills enjoyed it more.

Jimari D (ca) wrote: I totally admre his potrait. It's very legandary..

Drew B (nl) wrote: Screw the critics, this movie is amazing. Denzel plays a bodyguard who has lost hope in life and is dead inside (because of all the people he's killed as a counter-insurgency spec-ops agent, and most likely the loss of his wife--not explicitly said but hinted at) but after getting to know Peta, the little girl he is protecting, he learns that he can live again. All that is taken away when she is kidnapped. What ensues is a "Man of Fire" takes revenge on those involved and orchestrated it. This is the second half that becomes violent. The violence is 100% justified and makes sense within the plot. The violence is even, I dare say, satisfactory. It boggle my mind that critics thought this movie was "over the top" violent... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! Most super hero movies today have more violence that makes less sense and is less justified than the violence in this movie. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It is well written, great choreography, awesome action, and extremely moving; I'd be surprised if you didn't cry. Again, screw the critics, this movie is A+.

Commish G (kr) wrote: [font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkgreen][b]This crap should be burned and never shown again! HORRIBLE! LIES! Unbelievable! [/b][/color][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkgreen][/color][/font] [font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkgreen][b]I was switching channels tonight and happened upon this filth. I can't believe someone has the nerve to show this crap![/b][/color][/font]