The Valachi Papers

The Valachi Papers

When Joe Valachi (Charles Bronson) has a price put on his head by Don Vito Genovese (Lino Ventura), he must take desperate steps to protect himself while in prison. An unsuccessful attempt to slit his throat puts him over the edge to break the sacred code of silence.

When Joe Valachi (Charles Bronson) has a price put on his head by Don Vito Genovese (Lino Ventura), he must take desperate steps to protect himself while in prison. An unsuccessful attempt ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ola G (us) wrote: In the 1970s, successful graphic designer and ladies' man Charles Swan III (Charlie Sheen) is dumped by his girlfriend Ivana (Katheryn Winnick), and it throws his life into a tailspin. He doesnt know whether he loves her or hates her or wants her back or never wants to see her again. Along with his best friend, Kirby (Jason Schwartzman) and his manager, Saul (Bill Murray), Charles starts to suffer from nightmares, fever dreams of past relationships and hits rock bottom as he tries to recover from the recent breakup and tries to turn his life around...I can only say wow, what an utterly and truly piece of garbage this is. The Dallas Observer said that the film "might generously be described as cut-and-paste - or more accurately as 'throw stuff to the wall and see what sticks'". TIME said that the film "does not lead to a deeper understanding of Charlie Sheen. It does, however, demonstrate his compulsion for poor judgment and bad choices. But weren't we already convinced of that?" Roman Coppola has tried to do a Michel Gondry movie and fails miserably. Charlie Sheen was ok as an actor in the beginning of his career, but he has spiralled downwards since then for so many years and as Charles Swan III I cant think he can get lower as an actor. His pathetic self obsession has sunk his career slowly and I can barely stand to see this worn and torn actor (looking worse than ever) anymore doing the same role with the same name over and bloody over again. What the hell was Schwartzman and Murray thinking when signing on to do this movie? The movie is barely coherent and things seems completely hap hazarded. The low point most be the spanish duet between Sheen and Winnick as Sheen is clearly on something during this scene. "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III" is a bizarre odyssey that seems to have been written, produced and filmed during the influence of all sorts of things and it misses the goal by miles of becoming an original black comedy and strange tale. The only positive parts were the lovely Katheryn Winnick and the music from Liam Hayes.

John T (fr) wrote: A girl gets raped at a party (This is probably a spoiler, but it was pretty obvious). Afterwards everyone disowns and de-friends the girl. They are right bastardly toward her. In the end they realize how shitty they are and turn on another girl who was the worst of them. Then go after the rapists... The plot is not amazing. The characters were pretty strong though, which makes this watchable.

Don S (fr) wrote: Drew Barrymore does as exceptional job in her first directing gig. This movie is paced well, has intriguing, off-the-wall characters, and tells a story with a message. Ellen Page, Barrymore, Kristen Wiig and Juliette Lewis all appeared to enjoy themselves while going zany. This was very enjoyable.

Natalie M (de) wrote: I got this movie...I rate it 100% a must get.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: A real good story and a very decent film

Josephine E (fr) wrote: though a bit predictable and has exaggerated stereotypes, still a fun movie to just kick back and watch with friends. maybe over a board game.

Tim M (mx) wrote: How weird it came out right before the the Iraq war. It's seemingly competent president is a far cry from what the US had in 2003 though. You go to war with the forces you have! Reading up on the Vietnam war for hours before this helps a lot, even though, it's pretty boring. A little Lions for Lambs action would have been great.

Johana B (ag) wrote: It was alright, wasn't predictable not too boring and like ok everything else.

Daniel S (it) wrote: Very Monty Python but very boring, it kinda took a long time to start but it is amazing they turned a 2 page nonsense poem into a 90 min film lol. Anyway it isn't one of Terry Gilliam's better films but this was very early in his career so was a good start!

Jon P (fr) wrote: Barbarella is best-described as dementia in space. On LSD.Director Roger Vadim brings Claude Forest's classic comic books to the screen with alarming attention to detail, bringing us cinema's finest furry-walled spaceship, porcelain doll fight scene and supervillain who goes by the name of Duran Duran.Trouble is, Vadim's vision is battered by a pin-on plot with the power and precision of a plastic hammer. 30 minutes in, Barbarella has long become repetitive and tedious, not to mention downright boring. And that's a bold statement for a film more colourful than a kaleidoscope made out of rainbow dust.

John G (ru) wrote: Lauren Bacall is stylishly charming but Gregory Peck lacks Cary Grant's comedic touch. This flighty, glossy Vincent Minnelli directed comedy never really takes off.

Greg W (ru) wrote: Marx brothers at their pre-code zaniest

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: Roland Emmerich tried to make something other than a disaster movie and made a disaster of a movie.