The Valet

The Valet

Caught by tabloid paparazzi with his mistress Elena, a famous and beautiful fashion model, billionaire Pierre Levasseur tries to avoid a divorce by inventing a preposterous lie. He uses the presence of a passerby in the photo to claim to his wife that it's not him Elena is seeing but the other man, one François Pignon. Pignon is a modest little man who works as a parking valet. To make the story convincing, Elena has to move in with Pignon.

A porter and a top-model have to pretend to be a couple in order to salvage a CEO's marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mattias E (fr) wrote: At perpetual risk of becoming the next Wong Jing, Vincent Kok's movies have always been notoriously uneven affairs, but the Peter Chan-produced Mr and Mrs Incredible shows improvement with its decidedly more subtle approach to comedy and ventures into domestic drama-land. The evident lack of plot is actually a plus, as it allows top actors Louis Koo and Sandra Ng to explore their characters and expand on their relationship as retired superheroes Gazer Warrior and Aroma Woman, making them more real than Kok probably initially intended. Koo is particularily brilliant acting against character here. Mr and Mrs Incredible thus proceeds in a quietly dignified manner until the final reel, when action and cheesy CGI suddenly kicks in courtesy of Taiwanese Andy On-lookalike Wang Bo-Chieh's villain, bringing the show to a disappointingly loud and improper end.

Brett E (br) wrote: WELL, AT LEAST YOU'LL NEVER BE SCARED TO GO BACK IN THE WATER....:: A movie review by Brett Epstein ::It's actually been a while since I've seen a movie where nearly every single scene does not work. I haven't loved (or even liked) most movies I've seen recently (the awkward 'Charlie St. Cloud' or the obnoxious 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World') however those movies had at least a few redeeming qualities or were interesting/compelling in some small capacity, whether it be because of an actor or a stylistic choice.The same cannot be said for 'PIRANHA 3D,' the latest horror flick from Alexandre Aja, who brought us 'The Hills Have Eyes' (unnecessary and unforgivably gruesome) and 'High Tension' (better). There are so many problems with this movie, I don't even know where to begin.Aja needed to PICK A GENRE before he started shooting this film...and simply put, he never did. I hated 'The Hills Have Eyes' but at least the director knew it was a horror film. There was no sense that Aja was trying to create a comedy there. In fact, the horror grew to be excessive and depressing. In PIRANHA, he is unsure if he wants to scare the audience or make us laugh. Unfortunately, he does neither. Not one line of dialogue is funny or clever in the script to begin with, but on top of that the actors don't deliver the mediocre lines in any fun or interesting ways. And it's impossible for us to be scared because we can't even see what's going on. We see young spring-breakers jumping out of the water, blood everywhere, but we barely see the fish. Then when we do, we laugh, unintentionally, because 1) they are created terribly with CGI and 2) they are literal prehistoric creatures who arose from an underwater tremor FOR NO REASON. I would have preferred, and been more scared of, actual piranhas. Show me actual piranhas attacking people. Them shits are scary little sons-of-bitches. I don't need prehistoric piranhas attacking my springbreakers. I know some of you think that sounds 'badass,' but wait until you see these things. Laughable.There is no excitement to be had in any scene. In fact, I went to the bathroom for five minutes towards the end and was more excited by having to find my way out of the theater in the dark. That was a more thrilling, fun, worthwhile adventure than anything on screen. Walking. To the bathroom. And peeing. Was more fun than this film. I'm serious.The 3D is lame. There are some chuckles when we see 3D boobs and a 3D penis, but is a 3D penis worth $15? No, it comes and goes so quickly (as penises always do) but at least in life you don't have to pay $15 to see a penis. They come free when you date someone or just hook up with someone. What I'm saying is...go and hook up with someone, anyone - a boyfriend, a neighbor, a friend with benefits - instead of seeing this movie. You will be more fulfilled and have way more fun and it will be much cheaper. Even if it's disappointing, you didn't pay $15 for it (hopefully, unless you hooked up with a prostitute, which I'm not telling you to do).Most interesting moment in the film features Christopher Lloyd channeling his "Back to the Future" character with a scientific explanation for the prehistoric piranhas. Does his character have a reason for existing... or does his speech make a lick of sense? Absolutely not. But hey, it's Christopher Lloyd. And I was listening to him because he spoke in a funny way. He should have been in 3D. Then maybe... just maybe... this movie would have gotten * 1/2 instead of *.But alas...* it is.

Luv L (nl) wrote: Great action movie. I think that the drama is really good, it keeps you in suspense all the time. I really recommend this movie. *Sponsored Post

Mo B (es) wrote: Rating: 82%Dramatic, realistic, and touching, Not One Less is a perfect example of how films should look into real-life problems in the world.

Kate T (it) wrote: I loved this film, simply divine, and I never say that!

Lorna B (us) wrote: I loved these films as a kid and I ended up seeing this more than the original 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'. Ace children's films.

Matty S (au) wrote: A profoundly effective and disturbing film about twin gynecologists. That sentence pretty much sums the film up. Intense and unforgettable.

bill h (fr) wrote: This was the only film Elvis ever starred in without music. As with his first it is a western but hampered by some terrible dialog. Solomon Sturges gives a good performance as the outlaw leaders deranged brother. Elvis is okay in the title role but his portrayal lacks any real danger or menace. I'd give him an A for effort

Mike P (nl) wrote: I was laughing out loud a lot

Rawballs B (it) wrote: Enough to entertain your senses... A bear and other forest animals holding guns and other military stuffs... Silly but in some points, very funny...