The Vampire Raiders

The Vampire Raiders

The fate of the entire hotel industry is at stake. A group of evil black ninjas have threatened to insinuate themselves into the industry, take over, and transform the operation into something unspeakable. Thank heaven the white ninjas are on hand to save the day. Agnes Chan heads the cast, so we assume she's the "ninja queen." This one isn't a whole lot better than others of its ilk, but at least there's some novelty in the settings.

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James L (de) wrote: One of my favourite films of all time. Teaches such a good lesson about friendship and all of the characters felt immersive and believable

Troy G (ag) wrote: An excellent heartfelt performance from Ryan Gosling Anthony Mackie and Shareeka Epps.

Casselise R (nl) wrote: Charlotte Gray is a film which had the opportunity to do something unique, but instead follows a very tired and worn formula. Girl falls in love with boy, boy goes to war, girl follows boy using any means possible, war changes girl and helps her realise that she can never go back to the life she had. It has been done so many times, in every genre, and using every conceivable plotline. My preconception that Charlotte Gray was going to be about a tough as guts female war hero (i.e. Nancy Wake) may have set me up for disappointment. Either way, regardless of the fact that my expectations were smashed, it is still a predictable storyline and, even as a romance, didn't get my blood pumping. It really is a damn shame. With a little guts and some well placed perspective, this could have been really good. Oh well, it won't be the last good idea that is thwarted in favour of the safe route. RECOMMENDATIONS: Watch it if you liked: If you like war films and romance, then you will probably like this a medium amount. Don?t watch it if: You are expecting something different. Children: For the most part, it is actually quite tame. Cover their eyes two or three times, and you?ll be sweet.

Angie Y (gb) wrote: The sex scenes in this movie are bogus and there's no action.

Simon W (ag) wrote: Awful, absolutely terrible, and I maybe one of the only people who wasn't put off by the premise. Whoopi Goldberg and a dinosaur fighting crime. The voice acting for the dinosaur was just awful, and it all comes off like Howard the Duck, one of the worst movies of all time. The reason this one is sooo bad is that unlike Howard the Duck, this one actually has a decent supporting cast with Bud Cort, Juliet Landau, and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Stephen P (it) wrote: Incredibly moving and thought-provoking film about Archbishop Romero's journey of faith that leads him to resist government abuse and oppression of the poor and working class in El Salvador. This is a fairly violent film, but the grittiness is necessary to comprehend the evil against which he was fighting.

Matt H (ca) wrote: Almodovar gets way too soapy in this one. Everything is just ridiculous, and is unable to get me to care about any of it. Some reviews are saying how funny this is, but I didn't find any of it funny. Too far over the top.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: This is just garbage, that has that awful stench of the 60's... oh Lord, how it manages not to kill me instantly. I can write an essay on how godawful this film is, but I'd rather not and save my time.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A terrific early British Thriller directed by Carol Reed who went on to direct the Third Man 1949 & Oliver! (1968).It's a fast paced spy thriller set in WW2, the story moves fast & keeps you enthralled with it's plots twists & turns.It's great to see a very young Rex Harrison play his role excellent as the key spy as Margaret Lockwood delivers a regular fine performance.The final sequence on the cable cars between Germany & Switzerland is completely hair raising...a wonderful climax.

Chrissy S (nl) wrote: Barry Levinson's 1982 classic film 'Diner' is a seminal piece of work for one very important reason: it made it okay to make a film about nothing and it set the stage for all similar genres on the big screen and small. Sure, you can argue that Woody Allen productions or 1981's 'My Dinner With Andre' are similar but 'Diner' did it was such panache that it made it okay for studios to turn out 'Seinfeld'. 'Diner' featured a cast of relative newcomers: Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Bacon, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Tim Daly, Paul Reiser, and Ellen Barkin. It is 1959 and whether they realize it or not, their lives are moving forward, the days of hanging at the diner, staying out all night, getting involved in minor fights, gambling, and general hijinks are coming to an end. Almost everyone can identify with that bittersweet feeling. Some of the guys know what is happening and others are resisting it, but regardless, the change is coming. That comfort of having the same people around as when you were in grade school is going away and bigger things beckon. The 60's are ahead. And then there are women. It seems that every one of the guys has no clue what to do with a woman. The fact isn't shoved down your throats but it's true regardless. The one guy that actually has a wife, Shrevie (Daniel Stern) is just as clueless as the guys that don't have one. It never occurs to him to be friends with her or that she might have something to say, he's just labled her as "wife" and yells at her when she can't file his prized record collection. Eddie (Steve Guttenberg) is getting married and makes his fiancee take a football test - if she fails the wedding is off. There is no resolution as to what the guys should do with the opposite sex, we just assume they'll figure it out. 'Diner' rings true for any generation, just watch the banter at the diner. Modell (Paul Reiser) always asks if everyone is going to finish their food, then there is a discussion as to what music is best for making out. Boogie (Mickey Rourke) is a screw up and we all have at least one screw up in our posse of friends. Everyone can close there eyes and think of a time when you sat around with your best pals talking about meaningless stuff. No doubt a wry smile will appear on your face as you remember that past era. And that is what makes 'Diner' so successful.

Vasco M (gb) wrote: Badass action from beginning to end with explosions for story and bullets for dialogue. London Has Fallen delivers.