The Vampire Spider

The Vampire Spider

A teenager goes to the foothills of the Andes to deal with his phobias.

A teenager goes to the foothills of the Andes to deal with his phobias. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Vampire Spider torrent reviews

Leon B (jp) wrote: Review:I really wasn't that impressed with this film because it seemed to be going nowhere, right from the very beginning. Chris Evans plays a womanising writer who is struggling to come up with an idea for a Rom-Com. His agent promises him an action movie as his next project, if he produces the script but he is having problems with his personal love life because he can't get the woman that he really loves. The woman, played by Michelle Monaghan, already has a boyfriend so she becomes best friends with Chris Evans who can't get her out of his mind. His best friends try to help him through his emotional situation but his usual charms don't seem to work on Monaghan. I personally got fed up with the movie because Chris Evans just seems to be whining and moaning from one scene to the next. The director tried his best to keep the movie fresh by creating scenes from what is going on Evans crazy mind, but it's a basic Rom-Com which is corny and not that funny. The whole love story is quite boring, which is a shame because I liked the chemistry between the different characters. I was hoping for something a little different from this film but I struggled to stay interested and the constant whinging got on my nerves. Disappointing!Round-Up:I doubt that this small movie will damage Chris Evans career, after playing Captain America and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, but it does show that he's not that great when it comes to Rom-Com's or anything without action in it. At 33, he must be laughing all the way to the bank because he also plays a big part in the Avengers franchise so this project must have pretty small compared to what he is used to. I'm just scared that he will get stuck when the big budget movies dry out. Personally, I like his cocky and self confident style of acting but he plays the same type of characters in all of his roles. He does show some emotion in the Captain America franchise and I really liked him in Injustice but he needs to come away from the comedies and action movies for a while to show that he has some more tools in the box.I recommend this movie to people who are into their Rom-Com's about a writer who meets a woman at a party and falls head over heals in love with her but she is promised to another so he tries his best to win her heart. 4/10

Justin J (de) wrote: C-This movie is a bad Syfy movie that could have been better than it was. The plot was good but the acting sucked and the special effects sucked as well but i guess its worth watching once if your home alone with nothing else better to do.

Daniel O (mx) wrote: Hilarious and bizarre.

Aleks C (ru) wrote: Experimental parts were cool, and Christian slater is still God.

Carol H (ag) wrote: An unfunny and mean-spirited comedy franchise.

Li G (es) wrote: so dirty....the comedy is very dark...but it is soooo sexy.....highly rated

Kira A (nl) wrote: 21 could have been a fascinating movie on a fascinating subject. Instead, it turned into something not so fascinating and in the end was just a mess of rich Las Vegas junk. My first impression of 21 was one of mild interest. The subject was fascinating, I think, personally, and the movie featured a talented cast. So, what's not to like for first impressions? I soon realized that beauty is only skin deep. The movie is about Ben Campbell(Jim Sturgess), a smart student who plans on attending Harvard, but is financially in crisis of not being able to go. He could get the Robinson's Scholarship, which will pay for the whole ride--$300,000. But instead of working for it, Mickey(Jim Spacey), invites Ben to join a "secret" orginization of elite card counters. Now, if the plot seems ludicrous, wait till you get deeper. I have to say that I liked the first 20 minutes the most out of the entire movie. The part before Ben gets involved in the whole cynical card counting thing. One thing: The movie is confusing. Mickey keeps talking about card counting is legal, but everytime the group goes to do it, they need fake IDs, fake names, and disguises. And it's never really clear, why everyone is so intent on busting people for counting cards in the first place. Heck, we even see some guy punching another guy for counting cards! If it wasn't so comical, it'd be downright sad at the shape society has come to. In fact, this group is so elite, they've got numbers, codenames, and hand signals to disguise their illegal--oops, "legal"--card counting ways. The one thing that annoys me the most out of the entire movie is how snobby and rude everyone seems, including Ben. Besides Ben, no one else has a real reason why they're making this money. Jill(Kate Bosworth) is doing it because her father's dead? What? And Mickey's intentions are unclear, as well as the rest. Because they don't have clear reasons, it makes them seem like cynical, greedy bastards. And does Ben use the money to save for his college? Nope. He spends it on tuxedos and sunglasses. Very chic. This movie definitely wasn't a bad movie--but it wasn't good, either. It was sort of just eh, in there. Barely. Another annoying thing was Ben's voice-over. We don't need him telling us every second what he's thinking in his head. Anyhow, the movie is okay. It's decent. 5/10.