The Vanishing Point

The Vanishing Point

Lucie, jeune étudiante en histoire de l'art, enquête sur les oeuvres du peintre Watteau. Elle est persuadée que certaines de ses toiles cachent un sens encore jamais révélé. Sa rencontre avec l'énigmatique Vincent, muet de naissance, va bouleverser ses recherches, et la plonger au coeur d'une intrigue commencée il y a deux siècles.

Lucie Audibert, a student of Art History, does research work on Watteau. She is persuaded that a hidden sense that nobody has ever deciphered can be found in a few of his paintings. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (kr) wrote: A fascinating and well executed premise. Slightly falters in the last quarter but a great commentary on infidelity.

Edward C (it) wrote: The Purge (2013)Starring:Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey,Max Burkholder,Adelaide Kane,Rhys Wakefield,Tony Oller,Edwin Hodge,Tom Yi,Arija Bareikis, Chris Mulkey,Tisha French,and Dana BunchDirected by James DeMonacoReviewONE NIGHT A YEAR, ALL CRIME IS LEGALHello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here with a lazy piece shriek that will make you want to cleanse yourself like the murders do in this movie. The Purge is a twenty-thirteen horror slash political thriller brought you by the people who gave us great modern horror classics such as Paranormal Activity 4(SUCKS!),Sinister(Best horror film in years).This film will change everything you know about horror movies,one critic called this movie "The most important horror movie ever" and I strongly agree with him or her. Oh my goodness I can't take it anymore, I tried, I really, really tried, The Purge is the worst movie ever!This movie should have it's name changed to wasted potential or maybe the purse,since you know the year it came the audience put all there hard-earned money into it which is sad really. When I say this movie made money I mean it made a house load of money.The Premise is that all crime is legal for one night a year which sounds interesting,so naturally just for that concept anyone would see this horror flick,but then we have it turn into a generic slasher where Ethan is playing well hell I don't remember his characters name because characters, what characters? He crated a house defense system for his and other homes during purge night,but when a random homeless man is outside begging for help his son let's him in. Oh boy doesn't win the child of the year award for stupid. Their is a cult waiting for this homeless man to be delivered to them so they can purge.But the problem with the concept is while realistic,stupid realistic cause it's stupid but it could happen, how could they justify such an idea? One night a year anyone can kill anyone for funzies. How did this get started?, in a politically correct world like ours especially in America how would they get away with something like that? and lastly how did the government come up with this idea?The setting isn't even all that cause while it is a realistic house in a somewhat nice neighborhood, it's just lame and boring this movie has no fun it tries to be way too serious and fails miseberly?None of the elements of a good horror film are in this movie,setting lame,concept cool but at the same time tries to be taken way too seriously and is pretty stupid,acting well like I said what characters? I give The Purge a half out of five.

Andrew K (us) wrote: An amazing film, with an epic-look that belies it's intimate story (which is more like Raise the Red Lantern than Hero), culminating in a MASSIVE battle. It's great. Take your time with it, and you'll enjoy it.

Don S (gb) wrote: This romantic comedy centers around the beginnings of professional football. The story concerns two guys, one older (Clooney) and one younger, both trying to win the affections of a reporter with a duplicitous motivation, all the while competing in the burgeoning football league. Nothing really comedic here, and it is light on the romance too. Doesn't achieve its goal.

Tim D (nl) wrote: This was about the same as Hellseeker. Lots of teasing deaths. It was nice to bring back the good Cenobites though, particularly the Chatterer. The movies should've just stuck with them instead of trying to create new ones. The movie never explains how the cult in the movie brings people back to life, which was strange.

Dillinger P (es) wrote: An emotional and gritty look at immigration in Britain, still spookily resonant over 10 years from its release. Audrey Tatu is a joy to watch, a brilliant indie flick

SarahTess Leiel B (jp) wrote: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Rodney E (br) wrote: This has to be one of the most forgettable movies of the 90's. Does it suck? Mostly. Maybe it's that "Got You Where I Want You" song that I have a soft spot for and I'm not even sure why I even kind of like that song. I don't recall why I saw this as it looked bad in 98 yet I still watched it and recalled thinking that while it wasn;t very good it wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be. But this is entirely forgettable and even as I rated this before I wrote this I even forgot that I gave it a star rating. Maybe I was a victim of a mind wash like the teens in this. Wasn't that the plot? Teens being brainwashed? Still I have no desire to see this again.

Mike B (gb) wrote: Guilty pleasure.""Legends of the Fall" is not a Serious Movie, despite the profound sentiments of its narration and the classical ironies of its plot. It is a high-class horse opera - emphasis on opera, with an abundance of operatic coincidences, passions, loves, losses, overwrought arias and heart-wrenching soliloquies. On that basis it is enormously entertaining, a throwback to the days when Hollywood didn't apologize for passionate stories involving three brothers whose fates are intertwined with that of a legendary woman, as they're all outlined against the Big Sky." -Roger Ebert

Kristen S (us) wrote: this is an overlooked gem of a little movie. even though some of the technical aspects are rough (the film was re-edited and the DVD is not in the original aspect ratio) and the aesthetic is only a little above a made-for-tv movie, none of those elements can distract from the strong script & performances. this is one of those 'slice of life' movies that manages to get everything exactly right. the authenticity, humor, and pathos are never false. the story juggles questions of life, sex, god, and love in a stunningly believable manner. you should seek this one out. BONUS: it was filmed at UCI!!

Ifiok O (mx) wrote: It's a hodge podge of comedy, crime drama, and science fiction in a 80's social commentary backdrop. Interesting characters and has great lines of dialogue and moments through out. It's earned a reputation as a great cult classic, and it's not impossible to see why. Great soundtrack to go with it, too. Recommended.

Francisco F (it) wrote: Envoute par la beaute froide de Deneuve, Truffaut se prend pour Hitchcock. Le resultat est assez decevant malgre quelques jolies trouvailles (Blanche-Neige et les sept nains ; le final sur l'amour qui est une joie et une souffrance).

Jennifer B (au) wrote: The opening sequence is very enrapturing.

Maddison T (gb) wrote: OMG, this movie is horrible, but it's great to make fun of!

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Gripping psychological thriller where you guess who will actually try to do what where and how, and then see it unfold. Masterful. Welles orations tend to run on, otherwise there's a good pace. This is why we don't trust anyone smarter than us.

Kristen Y (gb) wrote: Amazing acting, formulaic story but still heartwarming.

Michael V (ag) wrote: Fantastic zombie movie with a heart-wrenching story and great acting. Definitely worth watching