The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name)

The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name)

Valentino is an Ex Adult film star very much in love with his girlfriend Mary Carmen....and boyfriend Gary. Things take a tragic turn when Valentino is rushed to the hospital after ...

Valentino is an Ex Aldult film star very much in love with his girlfriend Mary Carmen....and boyfriend Gary. Things take a tragic turn when Valentino is rushed to the hospital after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name) torrent reviews

Jill R (ca) wrote: A decent movie now this is not awful but it's not great the characters aren't very likeable and there a bit dull the dance scenes are amazing though this was a decent movie not awful but far from greatGrade C+

Molly K (au) wrote: Brian and I saw this movie at the Springs Preserve here in Vegas. We had a chance to meet the director and sit for a good discussion afterwards. It's a great movie and I am excited to see the plans for it evolve. Everyone should see this movie!

Sean C (br) wrote: Doctor PLEASE give me something NOW to take the pain away! Quench is mind numbing from the start and never eases up in its mission to just be as dull as fucking possible. It doesnt help that the acting can be better by any kiddie school production. The lead is SO stupid you wonder why the vampire wannabies would really want to have him in their little family. Here's praying the next horror flick is a proper horror rather than just horrible to watch.

Timothy P (mx) wrote: A bit convoluted but enjoyable

Kaustubh H (it) wrote: Tense, taut and very coldly painted. Greed, it shows in a manner so shocking; can never redeem anyone.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: "Shanghai Noon" is a Western/martial arts film. It's exactly what you expect. Add in Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson as the lead actors and it becomes even more predictable. The excellent play on words contained in the title is an overture for the comedy that follows. The plot is simple but effective as two opposite men are placed into a situation in which it is natural for them to pair up to save the day. Why not also represent the Buddy-Cop genre as they work together to save the day. Fans of Westerns and martial arts films will enjoy the many tongue-in-cheek nods to these genres. And fear not, they do mispronounce Princess Pei-Pei's name as Pee-Pee, but only once to keep it from getting old. The acting isn't anything special but it matches the expectation of a comedy. Personally, I prefer "Rush Hour" but "Shanghai Noon" is a nice departure from Jackie Chan's typical films.

Eliabeth K (br) wrote: This film is entertaining but not really that great... good for a lazy afternoon perhaps if you can stand Phil Hartmans irritating tones.

John M (jp) wrote: A surprisingly more shitty sequel to Starcrash - but without any of the charm and all the softcore Italian porn instead.

Peter B (de) wrote: A delightful physical comedy which is wonderfully choreographed.

Sandeep S (es) wrote: The swinging 60's. Spies and hippies filled the movies, The Beatles became world wide sensations, Rock N Roll and Elivs Presley was the staple music diet of the youth and there was a almost naive belief in universal love and freedom of the individual.After a great opening number "Jaan Pehchaan Ho" (which is filled with a rock n roll inspired beat and 50's and 60's style dance moves such as the jitterbug)the movie becomes more and more riveting as we see a suspense/thriller story unfold (to be honest, I had no idea bollywood of that time also was inspired alot by Elivs Presely type dancing and music etc)...Overall, a decent take on Agatha Christie's novel, and even if it was an unofficial adaption, still worth watching for all the twists and purely scary moments in the film, yes folks all wrapped in the lavish and decadent era that was the 60's!

Art S (jp) wrote: A stylish and seemingly superficial offering from Max Ophuls that is actually deceptively complex, deepening dramatically as it progresses. Danielle Darrieux is Madame de (no surname given, which is something of a running gag) who decides to hock the earrings her husband the General (Charles Boyer) gave to her on their wedding day to support her lavish lifestyle. Of course, her husband finds out (when Madame decides to pretend they were stolen and the jeweller seeks to clear his name). The earrings then make a circuitous journey, full circle if you will, becoming imbued with an incredible amount of emotion (more than they had originally). This is one of the fascinating insights of Ophuls' film - to see that any old object can become a fetish object. The alchemy involves true love or at least that deep and exciting passionate attachment that can occur between two people (in this case, Madame de and her Italian lover played superbly by Vittorio de Sica, yes, the neorealist director), sometimes if only for a short while. However, Madame de is already married and the film juxtaposes her marriage to her illicit love, a partnership of position and appearances (and companionship) versus an intense and absorbing (those dances!) mutual longing. Of course, one relationship is right and one is wrong (or perhaps Ophuls is daring to question this) and fate (or society) will have its way. Top it all off with amazing tracking shots and set decoration and you have a masterpiece.

Janemarie C (ca) wrote: Brillant! Crawford steals the show as usual. Had it been any other leading lady, she would have simply fallen in the backdrop of Garfield. The violin music was a beautiful addition. The acting was great, and the plot left you feeling uneasy but moved to the core.

Graham M (ca) wrote: RT's summary is pretty accurate; a weak follow-up to Fantasia but some segments are enjoyable.

Grant H (es) wrote: Decent movie. The sequel to Chase's underrated classic starts off funny with the same energy as the first, but becomes too theatrical for the character. While Chevy does his best to carry the film with a typically great performance, the film's script, story, and characters just don't do enough.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: Death Spa is a laughable 80's gore fest that's both bad and entertaining.