The Velvet Murderers

The Velvet Murderers

A thriller loosely based on one of the most violent Czech criminal cases of the nineties, popularly known as the Orlík murders. The film delves into the motivation behind the killings, ...

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The Velvet Murderers torrent reviews

Allan R (es) wrote: The animation in the previews looks cool to me. A thoughtful, well writen film that looked like this could be a big hit. Not everything needs to be a $100 million film. Unfortunately I never did like the Top Cat cartoon, and there are no signs that this would be any better.

Sebastian H (us) wrote: The end ruined a really fascinating little movie

Kimberly B (es) wrote: Good movie. Powerful, but with the usual messages: war sucks; it's usually pointless; and people die sucky, pointless deaths because of it.

Scott C (es) wrote: Classic coming-of-age tale. Christopher Walken at his very best.

Maxime B (kr) wrote: What makes a movie a favorite movie? One that you can just watch over and over and over again and still enjoy every minute of it. To me, Evil Under the Sun is one of those. The cast, the dialogue, the setting, the costumes, the music, ... it's all there!

George C (au) wrote: Somewhere along the rollercoaster career of JCVD, there is a few hidden gems that went straight to DVD which was a shame. IN HELL was just fantastic. SIC wasn't actually far behind, playing as a low-budget WHITE HOUSE DOWN yet proved to be more entertaining, more realistic and void of the utter shite Channing Fatbum gave us. With very little kicks in motion, JCVD focuses more on the acting chops in what could have easily been a typical Arnie flick. Quite enjoyable, gritty and worth seeing...