The Veterinarian's Adopted Children

The Veterinarian's Adopted Children

The Veterinarian's Adopted Children is a 1968 Danish comedy film directed by Carl Ottosen and starring Dirch Passer.

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Mike D (de) wrote: It was good and Tom Hanks did an outstanding job.

Moshe V (us) wrote: Omg! This is so bad!!

Allan C (us) wrote: Oddball tale about a woman who believes she was chosen by God to heal people is exploited by a greedy promoter. You can tell the filmmakers thought they were making an "important" film, but it mostly comes off as silly and overly self serious. However, you do get the film debut of Burt Reynolds as a local tough. When asked about this movie Burt Reynolds replied, "George Hamilton beat me up in this film. Does that tell you something?"

Ben S (ag) wrote: The best comedy of all time.

Fong K (nl) wrote: viewed on 14/8/04 (Sat)The storyline sounds boring. A one-night road trip of two guys? How much drama can you pack in? I was rather doubtful. But I go ahead since it is made by Michael Mann and stars Tom Cruise. I always find Mr Cruise is a very hardworking actor. His commitment to his profession is evident. He is really good in the show. Not that he plays a bad guy but he comes across convincingly as a seeming cold-blooded killer with some humanity. Jamie Foxx is surprisingly very good, almost stealing the show just by playing a good guy. I can imagine Denzel Washington playing his role but Jamie is just as fine.What I like most about the movie is that I believe it is shot using a handycam. But the film is processed so professionally that it ends up looking neither like a home video nor what we usually see in a movie. It gives a rather refreshing visual experience. The script is cleverly written, posing many thought-provoking questions. Is it pathetic if we hold to a dream that takes years and years to fulfill? Is it worth going against your conscience to earn some big bucks? How much courage a cab driver needs to like a lawyer and go all out for her? Is there a difference between a killer and a war or a massacre? And what really a man's death amount to in a city void of feelings? Expected Rating: B+Rating: B+

Josh C (ru) wrote: The fact that me and my friends made a drinking game out of this film probably helps my affection that i have for it. There are some pretty interesting fantasy concepts throughout the film.

TheIan E (fr) wrote: Nailbiter is silly and has terrible music that is terribly used, the actors are wooden and playing cliched hard to like Characters. However it is watchable in the end.

Mike J (au) wrote: works well as a cure for insomnia - Daric Gates should be embarrassed by this pathetic excuse of a movie.