The Village Barbershop

The Village Barbershop

A fading smalltime barber is forced to hire the last person on earth he'd want working in his shop - a woman.

A fading smalltime barber is forced to hire the last person on earth he'd want working in his shop - a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muni V (kr) wrote: Movie with realtime situations

Lucas Eduardo B (ca) wrote: Grande filme!! Ricardo Darn d show...

Jonathan A (br) wrote: An "essentially empty" and valueless look at how people can screw their lives up forever. Some moments of good pathos, but to no purpose

Bill T (gb) wrote: Like watching a community Police blotter coming to life, 'Wisconsin Death Trip' takes stories from the famed book and re-enacts them. That's it, no real plot or meaning. There is some repeat characters here and there, especially the chronic window-smasher. The film also compares the old with the new, and we see images of 1990's Wisconsin, and we are offered a peek into "Nothing much has changed" by the mention of some murders that happened in the modern day, and the fact that 2 mass murderers were from Wisconsin as well. Something which I find fault in, because you really can't compare the times. People back then were under 10 times more hardship and 10 times less the drugs. Irregardless, this is pretty hypnotizing, but somewhat drawn out.

Brian S (ca) wrote: not overly impressive. a simplistic plot overlain with episodic adventures that don't really amount to much. I guess there's some OK themes regarding perseverance and friendship, but it's hard to fully get on board when the main character is a parrot. movies like Babe work because the animals operate in their own little world. here, the bird is more likable and oftentimes much smarter than virtually every human with whom he interacts, and it never quite feels believable (although I did enjoy Tony Shalhoub). even Paulie himself is just a stereotypical New Yorker with an attitude problem. it's better than a lot of plushy family films, comparatively speaking, but at the end of the day, it's still a plushy family film.

Aleksandar C (es) wrote: Epic movie, great story, amazing fights.

Johnny C (es) wrote: Judd Hirsch is fantastic, good story of hope.

Nicolas A (jp) wrote: A true masterpiece from 'il maestro' Federico FelliniDirecting: Escape to the fantasy world of Fellini. Magnificant directing, there are not really allot of movies like this, our with this subject. The movie is mainly about feminist but i wouldnt really call it a chick-movie. Its just a fantasy world of how Fellini thinks about Feminist and which is rather confusing :p. In this movie he uses a style that i would compare to his other masterpiece 8 1/2. So if you liked 8 1/2 then im sure your going to love this.Acting: Mastroianni must be my favorite italian actor now, another great performance in this weird and exciting movie.

Ian R (au) wrote: Probably Brook's best "film" in that it is a full-fledged Frankenstein movie only with some silliness. I appreciate the lack of ethnic humour and 4th wall breaking that he usually succumbs to. Still holds up well, although not the revelation it was then. Just a well-made movie with light spoofiness and more emphasis on character and plot comedy.