The Village of Shadows

The Village of Shadows

A group of young people are trapped in an evil village.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:French,German,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anagram,   village,   lucifer,  

A group of young people are trapped in an evil village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ANDERSON G (mx) wrote: In a century where few horror movies stand out, we have "Babadook," the film that tells the story of Amelia (Essie Davis), a single mother who creates a troublesome son by herself, causing depression, anguish, and anger. With sections reminiscent of Repulsa (64) and the Enlightened One (80), "Babadook" is a script show, all the characters are absurdly well built, and it looks like the movie only has an hour and a half. For many moments we forget the supernatural, because what terrifies us is the life of Amelia, and the film becomes so human that when the supernatural comes, we really get scared, a story where the human aspect of the characters are very well built in the Making me forget the supernatural and mystery, we can say that it is a script that Stephen King would approve, I confess that I went to watch the film for a recommendation of a friend, and with a certain prejudice, but the photograph of the film won me completely in the first 5 minutes, This extremely dark photograph with a palette of colors turned to gray, from the first minute something in the film bothers you, with a precise soundtrack and brilliant performances, Essie Davis is frighteningly perfect, and Noah Wiseman makes you believe in his madness only with You look at it. The big mistake of the movie is his third act, all of it is a sin, in trying to fight against the bad he relieves himself and puts himself at the level of all other mediums for bad horror films. Of course the film has a message, it's all an allegory, the monster is much deeper than just a monster, it's all an analogy behind involving depression and madness, but the movie that has its first two great acts, And a third dumb and simple that normalizes and disappoints, but it is worth very much, although the film is no longer genius due to sheer lack of imagination, the script is given to the common in the last minutes. But lastly, "Babadook" is worth it, because it is mostly different, and for lovers of terror, it is a delight.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: "Like, you shall not pass, man."-Shaggy (Matthew Lillard)Scooby and crew go to Hogwarts and are hassled by the Gryffindor mascot.

Evan J (it) wrote: Why is this movie 2 and a half hours long?P.S. Adam Sandler still sucks

Paul L (au) wrote: Shades of The Ring, The Grudge etc ... and especially Dark Water, but nothing like as scary.

jacob c (jp) wrote: Oh my god!! Could have been a really good movie but jas one good suspenseful scene and lets it.

Derek L (nl) wrote: Embarrassed to admit that I've seen this... Worst movie ever made.

Ryan W (ru) wrote: adorable and sweet, but the ending seemed to leave something...unfinished. parts were very funny, but there's also a sort of...depressing...fog that's cast over the entire thing that doesn't feel lifted by the end.

Brian B (nl) wrote: *This is a review of the original 2 hour cut.People who love cinema will likely enjoy this very much. How film critics, film professors, normal movie goers, etc. got interested in movies can be a very nostalgic memory to think about. That's why I was interested in seeing this movie as its plot showed some promise. It was a pretty good experience watching it.After a famous filmmaker named Salvatore "Toto" Di Vita gets a call that a friend of his as a child named Alfredo died, he recalls his childhood. The film shows how he got into film, how he became friends with Alfredo, a theater projectionist, and other things he experienced as a child while growing up.His friendship with Alfredo continued to grow throughout the film. At first, he didn't like his presence and tried to get rid of him. However, as the film continued on, he began to value his company. Their friendship was very interesting. Since Toto's father wasn't with him, and since he supposedly died in the war, he looked up to him as a father figure, and he viewed the theater as his mother. If his mother were to tell him not to visit Alfredo anymore, he would disobey her, and continue to do it. This was an interesting way to show how movies were a very big part of his life.The part of the film where he bonded with Alfredo was the best part of the movie. It is full of delightful touches such as Toto stealing a frame of film behind Alfredo's back or Toto helping him cheat on an exam so he'll let him back into the projectionist booth. The movie theater is displayed almost as a centerpiece where everyone would like going to it late at night to be entertained. The people who go to them are interesting. There are people who always sigh when a kissing scene is censored out of the film by order of the priest. Also, there is a man who only goes to the theaters to fall asleep, causing the kids to wake him up. After the viewer sees how unruly the crowd can be, it makes them wonder how they'd really act is the movie were to ever show a kissing scene. Also, the first act ends with a memorable scene where Alfredo projects the movie onto a wall outside the theater so a group of people can watch the film even after the theater closes. What follows that is a scene which is a perfect way to end the film. I won't spoil it though, because it's best to see it come as a surprise.After that, the film moves forward 10 years into the future to show Toto as an older teen. The movie still manages to maintain its charming moments such as the scene where 2 boys are told to stop touching themselves by their father after the theater finally shows a kissing scene, only for him to do it a bit as well. Also, there's a scene where Toto is having trouble getting a movie to start. The people in the audience grow anxious to watch it. One person tries to tell everyone the plot to the film as he's already seen it before right as someone drops something on his head from above to get him to stop. These are many delightful touches which makes the viewer really like the lovable audience, despite how unruly they are. These comedic touches help the film, because they give the viewer extra reasons to enjoy the film.However, the main part of the 2nd act is to build a relationship between Toto and a girl he loves named Elena. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for movies to do as it could give them further charm. However, I really didn't care for the scenes with her. This was the part of the movie where it started to feel a little cheesy and schmaltzy. I felt like some of the scenes from their relationship were a bit corny. One scene was where he waited outside Elena's house every night, hoping for her to change her mind as she said that she didn't love him when he originally asked her. He did this to imitate something that Alfredo told him in a short fantasy story he heard once. The story didn't sound all that bad when Alfredo said it. However, what works in one medium might not necessarily work in another. If someone were to do that in real life, it would look disturbing. There were a couple other scenes that I didn't like as well. However, I think that the biggest issue I had with their relationship was that while it didn't appeal to me, it also took a lot of Alfredo's screen time out of the movie. If the romance sub-plot was done very well, I might not have had an issue with it in limiting Alfredo's screen time, but since it wasn't done very well, it obstructed the movie's impact on me even more.In conclusion, this was a very great film well worth my time. The relationship between Toto and Alfredo was done very well. The theater scenes had charm to them, and they provided some brief comedic relief at times. It managed to keep this throughout the majority of the flashbacks. Even though the romance sub-plot didn't appeal to me, I still liked this film a lot. Once you get to the very end, the famous final scene lets you walk away from the film in a positive manner by showing you a well-done montage. Overall, this was a pretty nice movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Zack P (de) wrote: Absolutely incredible. One of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Brandauer's performance is amazing.

Joy H (gb) wrote: Even with Paul Newman, this is only a so-so movie.

Aaron G (br) wrote: If there's great acting in this movie, somebody needs to wake me up for it.

Gareth D (kr) wrote: Perfection. A masterpiece in the truest sense. Epic and magnificent. I never once doubted its authenticity. The brutality lingers. The appreciation of passing a milestone in my journey through cinema is not lost on me. Blown away. Blown away. Tarkovsky is the master.

Blake P (gb) wrote: Myra Hudson (Crawford) is an extremely successful playwright, who hastily marries much younger actor Lester Blaine (Palance), whom she has just fired from a play. Their marriage is happy for a few months, and Myra decides that when she dies, she will leave Lester $10,000 every year until he remarries. She records the will with a tape-recorder, but she accidentally leaves it on-- which leads her to discover that Lester and his mistress Irene (Grahame) are plotting to kill her before she signs the will-- so all of her money will go to them. But Myra isn't going to let them get away with it, and creates an elaborate plot to kill Lester. Will she go through with it? "Sudden Fear" is known for being one of the top five most essential Joan Crawford film noirs, and well as just being one of the best film noirs of all time, something I find very hard to disagree with. Though the plot is pretty common from the genre, and it can get a little bit melodramatic at times, it's very hard to deny that this film is extremely suspenseful, very well acted, and has an unpredictable plot. Though done a little bit lavishly for a film noir (which were usually on B-standard budgets at the time), this film is entertaining and unforgettable all at the same time. Crawford looks great and acts her heart out (and she ended up getting her last Oscar- nomination), Palance is super freaky in his menacing role (and it really made his career take off), and Grahame is smoldering as the sexy femme fatale of the film. Though this film is a bit too melodramatic to be a straight up gritty thriller, there's something about "Sudden Fear" that is just plain unforgettable. Recommended.

Paul D (it) wrote: Disappointingly shallow (no pun intended) submarine movie. It focuses one dimensionally on heroism and a love affair without any added depth.

Andr F (jp) wrote: what a sack of shit Mr. Lynch!!

Sebastian T (kr) wrote: This is a dated, women-in-prison blaxploitation film. I thought BMWM had a more interesting concept than most of its kind, but it's still not quite as memorable as Coffy or Foxy Brown. Having said that, you know anything with Pam Grier in it is bound for badassness, and this sure is no exception. Overall, a gratuitously entertaining timewarp into the 70's.