The Visit

The Visit

Carla Zachanassian had a child by Serge Miller as a teenager. When Serge refused to marry her, she was driven out of town. By her own wit and cunning, she has returned as a multi-millionaire for a visit. The town lays out the red carpet expecting big things from Carla, only to learn that her sole purpose is to see Serge Miller killed...

Certain that "the right man" is crucial to her escaping the confines of the Italian village where she lives, Pina (Sandra Milo) places an ad in the newspaper. She gets a response from Adolfo (Francois Perier), who agrees to travel from his residence in Rome to visit her. As flashbacks shed light on both their pasts, suspense builds about how they will relate to one another. Sharp, dark Italian comedy co-stars Mario Adorf, Gastone Moschin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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