The Visit

The Visit

The terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents' remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.

Two children are sent to their grandparents house to spend a week with their grandparents while their single mom goes on a relaxing vacation with her boyfriend. One of the kids, Becca, decides to film a documentary about her grandparents in order to help her mom reconnect with her parents and also find out some things about her parents as well. While filming the documentary, however, Becca and her little brother, Tyler, discover a dark secret about their grandparents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlotte C (ru) wrote: Brilliant entertainment

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Rene T (ag) wrote: Looks shallow and cliche' Yawn*

Joanetta S (fr) wrote: Nikki is such a great actor. This movie is great to boost the morale of any teen.

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: Straight to DVD go figure another bad sequel but that being sad the first one was pretty bad

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Adam S (us) wrote: Beautiful and artistic break-up film from Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, whose obsession with still images and landscapes gives the deliberately paced drama it's hypnotic aura.

Bridget M (it) wrote: absolutely terrible. terrible message. terrible acting. basically was about the end of a friendship over a guy who was an ass

Brandi P (kr) wrote: This film is very well acted. It is not a pleasant film, and the subject matter is very difficult to watch.

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