The Visitor

The Visitor

An ancient intergalactic warrior arrives on Earth to put a stop to a demonic child's plot to reproduce Satan's next generation of evil.

John Huston stars as an intergalactic warrior who joins a cosmic Christ figure in battle against a demonic 8-year-old girl, and her pet hawk, while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Multi-dimensional warfare, pre-adolescent profanity and brutal avian attacks combine to transport the viewer to a state unlike anything they've experienced... somewhere between Hell and the darkest reaches of outer space. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Visitor torrent reviews

Karan B (fr) wrote: Any Geoffrey Rush film is a must watch for me.

Brian G (br) wrote: 2016. Decent but depressing

Adam K (mx) wrote: They could make this the worst film in the history of man kind, but it would take my heart away.

Sean E (us) wrote: Italian movie that was quite funny and inspirational.

John P (jp) wrote: 97% Tourism footage for Vale, Colorado, 2% Neil Diamond stand-in, 1% Snowbeast.

Paul B (ag) wrote: What might've been a great screen adaptation of a great stage production is tarnished by a painfully overlong running time. Fiddler on the roof is occasionally funny and sporadically entertaining during its equally overlong musical numbers, and those sequences are so far in between. Overall, it's an exhaustive experience, and by the end of every song you'll already be sick of it for their failure to just end.

Andreas O (mx) wrote: Enjoyable whodunit movie with an astonishingly star-studded cast. Peter Ustinov may not be my favorite incarnation of Poirot, but he plays the part in a jovial and relaxed way that sets him apart from other actors portraying the belgian detective. Also noteworthy is, of course, Angela Lansbury who does a manificent job in her role.

John M (us) wrote: Pretty good little film. Funny at times.

Matthew B (mx) wrote: In the future, Earth's natural resources are used up and it's up to a scientist and his family to construct a hyper-gate at Alpha Prime but an unwanted stowaway has plans of his own. Boring movie nothing really to talk about that's how boring this movie is.