The Volunteer

The Volunteer

World War II propaganda film.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:1944
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:propaganda,  

After a masterful performance as Othello in a London theater 'Ralph Richardson' is asked for an autograph by Fred, his dresser. A short while later, Fred has joined the Fleet Air Arm (Fly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (kr) wrote: Poorly executed concept

Matthew M (ag) wrote: It may be a bit simplified, yes, but thanks to strong performances, a unique visual style and witty dialogue the film is both engaging and entertaining - and an important film for this day and age.

Tralandra T (br) wrote: dooobry,cichy,malo dialogow, co zauwaza sie dopiero, kiedy ktos po raz pierwszy w filmie sie odzywa, a jest to po dlugim czasie.ponury, szary, smutny i przejmujacy, czyli bardzo polski film. pani preis gra zachwycajaco. pan steranko tworzy postac tragicznego quasimodo. troszeczke przysnelam, ale nie wiem dlaczego. ostatnio ciagle spie na filmach. a ten mi sie podobal bardzo, wiec jak zaczelam przysypiac to mnie to zdenerwowalo. bo usypiajacy film to na pewno nie byl.

Taramichelle M (us) wrote: One of the most outstanding pieces of footage you will ever experience worth watching highly recommended :)

Beth M (nl) wrote: It's nice to see Vince Vaughn play a different role, and as good as he was playing a stepfather who kills, it was predictable and boring. There wasn't very much action and it didn't make it any different to other films that have similar storylines. It was a somewhat touching performance with John Travolta and Matt O'Leary but this film was average and nothing really exciting to keep you wanting to watch more. Vince Vaughn is at his best at comedy and he makes a lot more box office hits, a truly awful and quite a short running film that could of done so much better to work on a storyline that was original and not something that we've all seen before.

Brandon B (us) wrote: Boy, Jack Palance and Angelina Jolie as cyborgs, what could go wrong? Well, the fact that Elias Koteas is here doing that DeNiro-lite thing he does, the fact that Cyborg 2 wants to be Blade Runner but has nothing interesting to say, and the fact that the score was written in MIDI. Terrible.

Brent M (mx) wrote: Total gay classic. sad and beautiful movie. well acted and written.

youngindyjones (ag) wrote: great movie. chuck norris is a bad ass as usual, and him and lou gossett jr. have great chemistry together. and medeloy anderson, the girl in the movie, is so cute/hot, just as she is in flash gorden, too. alltoghther, one of the better indiana jones type movies from the 80's.

Daniel G (de) wrote: "Davy, Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier." ^_^

Ruben A (br) wrote: pretty bad, should be 1 1/2 but due to its self awareness it becomes a little extra. this has two pages so ill just post a review on both.lets break this down piece by piece:acting: just dreadful. oh dear god i have never seen acting this bad except maybe in Night of the Demon. a film which this clearly rips off. i'll get to that later.violence/deaths/gore: pretty decent actually. pretty splatterific, nothing amazing but not bad considering. has a very high body count. to the point characters are only brought in only to get killed off. which isnt minded much as all the characters are quite annoying and unlikeable to say the least.the killer: jungle savage mongoloid hobo beast. kinda more human like bigfoot in night of the demon.the plot: or what little there is of. well its about 4 campers all of whom are incredibly stupid. all around them people are dieing. eventually while one of the guys and 2 girls are swimming, one guy sees a murder. he freaks and runs out. he others return only to have the only guy who knows shit about camping to get killed. the guy and one girl find eachother and getout. the other chick is still there. the guy feels horrible and goes to find her only for her to get mutilated. the police investigate and the other chick goes to find him. they eventually find eachother and use the killers creative horror and eventually become just as savage as him in their assault on him.the film opens with some great cinemetography of woods. sadly the quality is just so muggy its hard to appreciate it. however the camera is so damn shaky not even those nice still shots make up for it. also this film has a very Nkght of the Demon feel to it, except where that fails, this suceeds. their both filthy pieces of garbage but this actually manages to be entertainig. Night is so fucking boring! but this is enjoyable to some extent. i still say dont bother with his one. you have to be THAT bored to see this. itll manage a cheap sleazy entertainment. oh but the ending offers up the idea of a sequel. major spoiler sorta. in one of the deaths a painter is murdered and she has a baby. he takes the baby. at the end of the movie you see the baby sitting on floor playing with an axe. and so the cycle continueshowever this is another video nasty that doesnt deserve the title