The Vortex of Love

The Vortex of Love

A group of mid-twenty friends with unsteady jobs meet for a party where they intend to hook up two of their friends. Over the following weeks we follow their lives in four different small apartments as their relationships change and evolve and as everyone struggles with love.

Nine men and women gather at a house party. The men are disappointed with a woman's appearance. People try to lighten the mood, but there is an awkwardness. The house party ends. Dates among the nine men and women begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (ru) wrote: ***It's a slight improvement over the original, but not enough to make a difference to its score. It has everything you liked about the first one, and almost everything you didn't like as well.

Vincent P (kr) wrote: Talk is cheap. So fill your script with as much of it as you can. Never mind that you're supposed to be making a monster movie. Monsters cost money! Save that stuff for the last ten minutes.What there is of monster and makeup fx (again, there's very little) is good but, unless you're a sadist, I don't think you'll want to sit through an hour of eye-rollingly poor acting and dialogue to reach it

Johnson C (es) wrote: The movie shows the dark side of LA.

Charlene (es) wrote: seen it and it was confusing to me....

Bradley W (jp) wrote: Was great to see Fox play a role a bit outside of his comfort zone. Excellent blend of comedy and horror.

Adam C (gb) wrote: The book was good...

Eva B (br) wrote: When people talk about Scorsese, they talk about goodfellas and taxi driver, but people often forget about this classic and how it influenced de Niro and Keitel to take their careers further into the limelight. This film has meaning beyond its basic plot and demonstrates what is expected of a film in this genre.

Harim K (gb) wrote: it had the recipe for something great but is missing the hard edge of a proper noir

Jesse F (ru) wrote: Bill Paxton's directional debut is immediately effective and genuinely disturbing. McConaughey, O'Leary, Sumpter and Paxton himself (both in front and behind the camera) make this film a memorable and exciting experience. One of the better horror films of the 21st century.

Karen H (fr) wrote: 2017-04-21 Robin and Mila and Peter are fun to watch, plot and script are weak. I've spent worse 90 min.

Kurt F (ag) wrote: 9/11/16 It's a kids film. I let Dylan watch it and he appeared to enjoy it. The story is fairly bland. IT is a film set up for some physical comedy gags. Not recommended for anyone except kids.

Julia B (us) wrote: Some of the characters are likeable (not John Wayne's), and both thumbs up for the music. The rest, not so good.