The Wager

The Wager

An actor at the pinnacle of his Hollywood career finds himself buckling to temptation after he accepts the lead in a classic tale of good versus evil. Michael Steele has just been nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. In the wake of that announcement, Michael is cast in what may be the role of a lifetime. He's set to play the lead in an incredible story of monumental conflict, but will all of the swirling gossip around Michael cause him to stumble on the path of righteousness? His marriage is in jeopardy and his career is on the line. This man who has always tried to do the right thing must find the courage and conviction needed to set his life straight.

When the life of mega film star, Michael Steele (Travis), is destroyed right before the most important day of his life, his faith is put to the ultimate test. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (es) wrote: Phantom Punch delivers some knock out scenes outside the ring as well as within it.But it steers down a path of filmmaking that isn't very grand but being a straight to dvd film i can't complain good story & decent acting SEE IT!!!

Raphael S (ag) wrote: Pretty damn funny. The first film I've seen by these people but now I want to track down more. THe synopsis gives a good indication of how the film goes - basically a 42year old, divorced father with anger management problems gets a rare chance to see his kids and decides to take them to a session of the latest Harry Potter film. It's all sold out so instead they watch a really pretentious, Danish, arthouse film and they all hate it. When the cinema refuses to refund the cost of the tickets, the dad smashes up the foyer, gets arrested and is told that he's no longer allowed access to his children. So he tracks down the director of the arthouse film to set things straight...It's pretty damn hilarious, with a couple of surprising twists. However the last 10 minutes is a bit slow.

Katrina L (gb) wrote: cute for tired moms and lively kids ;))))

David B (nl) wrote: Awful. Trashy movie full of trashy characters and completely devoid of jokes.

Yuri Alexey P (mx) wrote: A good collection of different short films in which music is the main theme :)

AudreyKim H (jp) wrote: More than just a musical, the jubilations and hard times of three very different women is very well potrayed.

Jim L (jp) wrote: I was excited to watch this film as it fits the type of movie that I usually really like. Well, it was so slow and hard to follow. I think the story did start to speed up a bit after the first 45-min, but then got convoluted again. I would not waste my time on this film unless you have seen every other film ever made.