The Waking

The Waking

A demon creates havoc in a small Southern town and threatens to destroy a young couple looking to start a new chapter in their lives.

A demon creates havoc in a small Southern town and threatens to destroy a young couple looking to start a new chapter in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vaibhav W (ag) wrote: Quite an unusual film - a mix between a creepy story of a ex-soldier with no limbs and the war crimes. Apart from the soldier's relationship with his wife, this film feels pretty much like shock value losing its shock value.

jesse k (it) wrote: If Obama was the pinnacle of black racial aspirations no wonder not much has really changed.

Melanie D (de) wrote: It looks good but in the end it was all just a bit too daft to be a convincing thriller.

Dave C (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this even as my skin crawled. I think Russo should have gotten an interview with David Walker of the US GAO and some folks who are not libertarians and actually have plausible arguments. The second half of the doc is muddled. Still if all we get is propaganda from the two major parties then having one more piece of propaganda is only fair. The problem with libertarians is they are just not marketable enough and have a hard time convincing the mainstream they are worth listening to - essentially they wanna disassemble life as we know it and start off new - sounds great and it works in an Ayn Rand novel but it's just too idealistic and impractical to be taken seriously... even if I share a libertarians fears and desires.

Joo R (fr) wrote: A life isnt valued by what one received, but by what one gives.

AhMet (br) wrote: Another crime against a good novel.

Isadore H (kr) wrote: Mystic River boasts an all-star cast that is highlighted by Tim Robbins unnerving performance. The film has plenty of twists and turns that could feel like a little much at times, but Clint Eastwoods professional direction raises this film up yet another level into something that's almost a masterpiece that raises plenty of intriguing questions

Siarra F (gb) wrote: Bad acting, bad and downright offensive writing, bad fight scenes, excpetionally bad special effects... This movie is just plain bad.

Emmelle I (es) wrote: The movie is a bit awkward and clunky, but it has its moments. I had difficulty reconciling the 1920s period piece aspect of the film with its obviously 1960s aesthetic. Just strange, but pretty and good score.

Blake P (jp) wrote: Good movie! Vicky Lynn (Landis) is an aspiring actress, until she turns up dead. When Frank Christopher (Mature) is accused of her slaying, his only hope is the second voice from her sister (Grable). When when Frank and Vicky's sister begin to fall in love, the cops are all the more suspicious-- and decide that Frank the one they're looking for. I Wake Up Screaming is a fun, cheek-to-cheek movie starring the biggest star of the '40's, Betty Grable. Support is by Victor Mature, Carole Landis (who should have become a star after this), and Laird Cregar. They all play their parts wonderfully, but by far, Cregar does the best job. I was surprised by the creative cinematography, and the happy score (what in the world), however, after a while it grew on me, and I'm sure you will too. I Wake Up Screaming is definitely not a classic-- but it's short and sweet, so it's not a waste of your time.

Jairo F (au) wrote: Unexpected kind of movie. I enjoyed very much.

Jason F (ca) wrote: A rather decent psychological horror. Taking elements of Blair Witch Project and House on Haunted Hill, the movie builds up slowly, playing on less is more and leaving the viewer to imagine the horrors that lurk within the asylum. There were a few wtf moments such as if they had phones why not call for help and the window which kept opening by itself should have been used as a method of escape! If your into your horror movies and liked Paranormal Activity then you will like this, either way I would recommend it.

Charlie E (kr) wrote: great movie after follow up from the cartoon version prequel.

Jimmy D (us) wrote: If you're not a fan of Despicable Me, then skip this one. If you are a fan, still skip this. It's tedious, boring and just not funny.