The Walking Deceased

The Walking Deceased

THE WALKING DECEASED is the Scary Movie of the zombie genre, ripping on the biggest and best of zombie pop-culture, arguably the most crazed genre in the world. The story follows a group of survivors from all walks of the apocalypse – an idiotic Sheriff with definite coma-induced brain damage, his hardass son and a hobo with only a crossbow to stave off the walking dead, four squabbling friends forced to survive this zombieland together, and a lonely zombie who just needs love to fully regain his warm body – who leave their once-safe mall hideout in search of the rumored Safe Haven Ranch, a refuge untouched by the zombie virus that has ravaged humanity. But despite the comforting name, they discover that this sanctuary may not be as welcoming as advertised.

Join the Sheriff with his son, and a motley crew of survivors as they weather confrontations with zombies, meet up and then leave their tattered camp-a partially destroyed shopping mall. The group journeys to the supposed Safe Haven Rand seeking shelter from the owners, a fascinating and diabolical older couple. Along for the ride with the still-human survivors is a lone zombie who begins to see and develop his human side when he looks up with the brash female leader. The unexpected twists and turns and will delight those who enjoy over-the-top blood spattering while horror movie buffs will appreciate the George Romeroesque touches. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom H (gb) wrote: "spell binding - thrilling - wicked. the coolest film in years, twists and turns at a magical speed."

Brendan B (br) wrote: if 0 was an option, it would be worse than that

S C (ag) wrote: Rich documentary about the decisions a high profile recruit has to go through in todays age of big money. After watching this you'll be pulling for Telfair to succeed.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: It's one of those films where the performances are what the first half setting things up to show the film's heart in the second that makes the film better to enjoy. Also in this particular film during its second half, the representation of the film's heart is found out in one of the characters you least expect to represent. The character I'm talking about is Diaz's.Diaz performed really well throughout the film. Her character starts out as a greedy, alcoholic bachelorette and an uncontrollable younger sister of Collette's character during the first half. Then by the time her character improves herself, the film does as well. So therefore, Diaz's character represents the heart of the film.The film goes through on the relationships of two sisters trying to get along and helping each other out, and a grandmother they never knew about. You can find a good heart from this to make this film enjoyably likable with the comedy part of its branded dramedy genre appears when it's good timing like cheering few spirits up. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Laura N (it) wrote: This is one of those movies that I hated. Not because it wasn't a good concept or executed well, but because I wanted it to be less realistic. Sadly, it is extremely realistic and that always makes me terribly upset. That being said, it was very well thought out and it was very well done. The cast were terrific and so was the story.

Michelle R (de) wrote: They took a horrible TV series and made it tolerable. The set up for the main character was nice, but after that every thing seemed super rushed. It seems like a world with a lot of potential, but we're not given the time to fall in love with it before suddenly its very existence is threatened. Characters change very quickly too to fit the time frame of the movie.

Mr D (jp) wrote: Retro 80s ninja/action movie. Somehow it tries to show ninja as some kind of way of life. But at the same time three westerners just become ninjas in a few days to be ninjas for a few days untill they have the secret videotape back. Were VHS videos ever used anywhere to put secret encoded information on it. And it doesn`t make sense that the tape is just shot gunned when the colonel has it. They could have just destroyed it before they had the three multiracial ninjateam fighting against one single asian ninja.

Senor C (br) wrote: Death Ship is mostly atmosphere w/ a creaky old haunted Nazi boat. It's enough to drive George Kennedy mad; which is always nice to see

Scott J (ru) wrote: Y'know those great Westerns that Clint Eastwood has been in? Yeah, this isn't one of them.

Will B (ru) wrote: I was a Bieber. I did enjoy Never Say Never. I thought he was hot. I thought he had good music and was talented. Not. Any. More. This movie didn't ruin that for me. This movie ruined itself for being in existence. I'll take this two ways. One. This movie is nothing but a giant ego trip on a boy who will never grow up unless he changes his outlook. The movie is produced by Bieber, makes a point I put his name in the title, the only name listed on opening credits, makes his own production company and a giant opening logo with Scooter Braun (who also suffers this ego trip). That's all this is, him being him and trying to prove that he isn't bad but the misconception of media hate. It is also to show him perform and basically strip to his little girl fans. Two. He was and still has the potential to be the best musician. He does not realize that he is being watched and still choses to do stupid things in public view. His excuse is that he is being a kid. He lost out on childhood because he was performing. No. You are hanging with the wrong crowd. You are ruining who you were. It has gotten to your head worse than a little girl getting a book of you and crying about it. I promise this is not a rant on Bieber but to say that this is not a movie. This is an inside ego trip of a boy man child to try and explain stupid things he does. Avoid it.

Adrian W (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies during my childhood.

Zach W (it) wrote: It's so bad it's actually funny to make fun of.