The Wanderer in the Land of Elementalia

The Wanderer in the Land of Elementalia

"Dayo" follows the adventure of 11-year-old Bubuy as he tries to save his grandparents who have been abducted and brought to Elementalia, a mysterious and magical land that is home to popular creatures of Philippine mythology.

"Dayo" follows the adventure of 11-year-old Bubuy as he tries to save his grandparents who have been abducted and brought to Elementalia, a mysterious and magical land that is home to popular creatures of Philippine mythology. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew A (ca) wrote: A rather suspensful and mysterious horror film this was. It's nothing new, just the same as many other ghost/haunted horror houses with weird kids movies. Leelee Sobieski does a rather good job as a lead. This is the second of her roles I've seen so far and she does well enough as supporting (In the name of the king) and as a lead (this movie). The plot is really confusing and you never get to properly understand the ending. It's one of those movies that just leaves it hanging for you to figure it out on your own. Because of that the ending is annoying, but other than that it's an all right horror movie with a relatively spooky atmosphere.

Lequan H (fr) wrote: I want to see friday after next

WS W (us) wrote: It reminds me Fernando Meirelles' "Blindness"- same Apocalyptic backdrop with subtext. The movie has built-up & developing quite a successful hook & atmosphere until 2/3 of it, which starts getting dragging & a bit worn out. Still a quality piece made in Spain however.

Charles P (ag) wrote: The most logical outcome to the romance is disaster, but many sections of the film work and entertain.

TJ H (nl) wrote: goota love this stuff..gets the imagination going

Greg N (us) wrote: I like it cause Masatoshi Nagase, which if there is a more underrated and underloved Japanese actor it's him, plays a guy named Maiku Hama and if you know anything about Mike Hammer you will understand why this is all genius. It's also a pretty decent movie. Too bad the rest of it isn't up to the same level as Nagase. He's freaking brilliant.

James H (de) wrote: There are some entertaining moments, but it is just too often stupid with crude humor and usually it?s not very funny. The performances are pretty good but with such a poor screenplay it doesn?t much matter.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: "Oh Lord, if your world is full of sin, then I want to sin!"Ingmar Bergman's comedy is a surprising sex-filled romp. I expected there to be sexuality in the film, but every character is motivated by sex in one way or another. The main character, Frederik (played hilariously by Gunnar Bjornstrand) is married to Anne whom he often refers to as his young wife. They seem happy at first, but then he moans Desiree's name in his sleep as he fondles Anne. They go to a play that night and see Desiree on stage. Anne can't stand the sight of her so they leave. Then we have Frederik and Desiree's past sexual encounters peeping its head out again. But she is with another man who is married and his is a jealous man. While all of this is going on, Frederik's son, Henrik, is a young college student studying to become a Lutheran pastor. Henrik is being tempted by the horny maid. He hates himself for giving in and having sex with her, but she loves messing with him anyway. The dynamic between Frederik and Henrik is quite hilarious. Frederik doesn't approve that his son wants to be a pastor because he is too smart for it, so he is constantly neglecting him. Frederik buys only two tickets for the play and tells Henrik that a man of God is too high for comedy. Poor Henrik gets the shit end of the stick so much that he later attempts to commit suicide. What makes this film so much better than just a typical sexy comedy is that Bergman loves these characters. They might not be perfect, but they are human. Even though Frederik is married to a woman too young for him we still want him to be happy. Desiree is screwing up everyone's marriage, but I still wanted her to end up with Frederik somehow. Anne is the most pure and beautiful of them all, yet she is the one to leave her husband for her husband's son. Ironic, yes? And I just wanted Malcolm to realize his love for his wife. They are both twisted and both deserve each other. I don't know what it is, but a heart beats behind each character.**SPOILERS**The Russian roulette scene was hilarious, tense, and passionate. I didn't want Malcolm or Frederik to get the bullet. Like I said, they might be flawed, but they are still good people. They can sit there and drink Cognac with each other and toast to things like faithful wives, but have a gun in their hands. I found the outcome that he filled it with soot to be perfect. Desiree comes to clean up Frederik's face. It's time to be faithful and settle with her, but she's not so sure she will be able to do it. And the kid? Well, Frederik is a strong name for a boy. I liked the maid's conversation with the butler (I'm guessing that's what he was?) of the house. The first smile of the summer night is that of young love. The second is for the fools and jesters. And the third is for the deserted. Another masterpiece by Bergman.

Jack S (kr) wrote: There are too few films that try to open the crack between art and artist. This piece is less flawed than many. Poetry music and memory are locked in Nick Cave's life-long tussle for synthesis. Like him or hate him, pretentious or truth-sayer, bad seed or flower, his is a brooding presence.

Nick W (us) wrote: When I saw this movie in advertisements, I thought it looked pretty good. I was utterly disappointed when I rented the film.