The Wanderers

The Wanderers

The streets of the Bronx are owned by 60’s youth gangs where the joy and pain of adolescence is lived. Philip Kaufman tells his take on the novel by Richard Price about the history of the Italian-American gang ‘The Wanderers.’

The Wanderers is a slight comedy which concentrates on a football game where the different gangs play with and against each other, then at its grand finale, come together in a mass of union to defend their honour and their turf. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Wanderers torrent reviews

Norman F (ag) wrote: It's predictable but fun.

Tom D (fr) wrote: This movie has a highly original script. There are several original moments in this film. Simon Pegg is great in the lead role as he really has to carry this whole story. I would recommend this original movie.

arif s (nl) wrote: this is my one of the favourite film of all time........aamir brought an amazing film for kids...........

Scott C (ag) wrote: A bunch of black and white skits. Mildly interesting, but also pretty pretentious and reeking of Jaramuschness.

Sandy B (jp) wrote: I saw this on Sundance or HBO or whotnot. Good story albeit a bit of a downer as most Nazi-era flicks are. Damn.

Leonard D (us) wrote: A little frightening and intense, even though some of the effects look corny.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Claustrophobic character study, with hints of a horror flick that never quite materialize.