The War and the Dream of Momi

The War and the Dream of Momi

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:37 minutes
  • Release:1917
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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"The War and the Dream of Momi" was a patriotic war film directed by Giovanni Pastrone. Segundo de Chomón was responcible for the animation effects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vivi W (ru) wrote: Too violent to see it on the screen and too scared to know that is the truth.

Jeffrey D (fr) wrote: Asburdist abschmurdist! This was a really entertaining movie!

John F (au) wrote: A "Love it or Hate it" sequel that offers more backstory, even more gore and even better performances. The small problems here are that the characters aren't quite as fleshed out or likable as in the previous installment and there's a few points in the film where it was a little slow, but when things do happen it's some of the most brutal grizzly kills I've seen in any recent slasher movie and that's a high point in the Chromeskull movies! Seeing as it's left open for another installment I do hope we learn more about chromeskull and get even more delicious kills! The best kill here had me nearly look away... without spoiling anything, look out for a death that takes place on some stairs, it's just awesome! I do like the first that tiny bit more seeing as this has it's little problems, but this has enough improvements on other things such as acting, kills and story to make it at the least almost as good as the first. Like I said, love or hate... I love

Alvarie A (es) wrote: jadi fall in love sama fan bingbing di sini, andy lauu juga kharismatik banget wkwkwkwk

Mark M (ca) wrote: Great sci fi film, low budget but i enjoyed the plot

Greg N (fr) wrote: Kris Kristofferson and Gene Hackman being awesome what more do you need.

Jordon J (br) wrote: The promise it begins with doesn't pay off. And while "Arthur Newman" is not a complete disaster, it does leave you wishing the romance and the ride had been a whole lot smoother. I say RENT IT!!!

Collin H (mx) wrote: A fascinating account of a true assassination attempt on Hitler from within his own ranks. Solid performances all around & even though Tom Cruise doesn't stretch much beyond his normal persona, it works just fine here. Cinematography and set design are both excellent as well.All around solid production and tensely engaging story.