The War Between Men and Women

The War Between Men and Women

2 quirky Manhattanites crash into each other cute at an ophthalmologist's office. Peter is a grouchy cartoonist/author whose vision is failing, divorced mother Theresa is also reluctant to plunge into a relationship right now. It's not love at first sight - both have their eyes dilated, plus Peter constantly lampoons women in his work, which book seller Theresa knows well. Loosely based on James Thurber's drawings "The War Between Men & Women," and Thurber's life, the film features animated sequences.

A Thurberesque New Yorker (Jack Lemmon) going blind acquires a wife (Barbara Harris), three children, a dog and a drinking partner (Jason Robards). And what he learns will touch his heart hard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (ru) wrote: There is a terrific lead performance here from Sasha Lane. Too bad it's hidden in a movie that's full of navel-gazing characters and a movie that goes nowhere. I get that the journey is more important than the destination, but apart from a few moments, this journey is simply dull as fuck. Shia LeBeouf playing a walking cliche did not help, try as he might with his exertions in sex scenes.

Scott B (it) wrote: Extraordinary, heart-felt and honest. LLAP!

Lee M (br) wrote: An admirable first effort by Miles who astutely captures an honest family portrait, and he also demonstrates a clear ability to elicit solid work from most of his performers. The script though was more than a bit pedestrian.

Gii B (nl) wrote: Brittany Murphy in one of her last roles playing a seismologist chasing earthquakes which are tearing across America and creating one huge crack in the world and she only has 24 hours to stop it along with her sidekick Eriq La Salle of ER fame in tow. Oh dear! Words cannot express the dire wreck of a movie this was. Halfway through I was already wishing the earthquake would win just to finish the film. I did however get a lot of shopping done in my head whilst it was on so something positive came out of it.

Carl N (br) wrote: I hate wasps! But I didnt hate this film like I thought I would? This is actually rather a fun B-movie. The wasps in this film are genetically modified wasps, so they look different to normal wasps so that made it easier for me to watch. The GCI effects were passable for this type of film. What I really enjoyed was that it featured not only killer wasps but also zombies. I dont think there has ever been those two in a film before? The other highlight is that Robert Englund has a fantastic role as the scientist. He is also in the film all the way through, rather than the usual five minute cameos he has been doing of late. Sarah Allen is the eye candy, she seems to change outfits every scene? But thats alright with me.

Amna R (de) wrote: what a long maddness

Paul D (jp) wrote: Less than serious in its delivery, it nevertheless has a good style and mood to it, although the gun play and scenarios are deadly enough.

Les E (mx) wrote: Just didn't have the laughs.

James H (mx) wrote: Another great Charlie Chan film, Warner Oland is Chan in this one and Keye Luke has a wonderful role as his son, and provides much of the comic relief. A good mystery, great pace, short and enjoyable.

Richard R (nl) wrote: Unlike most people I think this is pants compared to the original - given that the whole thing revolves around "ooh I'm teaming up with my enemy" and then just snarking for over an hour. First one was better.

Alex F (fr) wrote: Good exercise of what relationships really are about.

Andrew M (ru) wrote: Shallow Hal is Jack Black's worst movie yet. When I saw the trailer to this movie it looked good, but the movie was not. This movie either tries for a romantic movie or a comedy movie but doesn't win either of those. Although, this movie does have a good plot, but still doesn't get through to the audience. I would not suggest this movie.

Richard C (it) wrote: This story didn't really work as a film. It's yet another instance where reading about the infamous case in a newspaper, online, etc., will evoke the same feeling that you get after seeing the outstretched film, and in my experience, the film does a terrible job of eliciting any emotional reactions and character sympathizing or scorning. Perhaps because the perspective of the film switched to and fro victims and serial killer, and so you omnisciently view stupid people trusting a pudgy creeper with their open legs. I appreciate the documentary-style retelling as well as the acting talent, but maybe subjective demonizing of serial killers would've worked to this film's advantage.