The Warning

The Warning


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The Warning torrent reviews

Amanda B (de) wrote: Laughable how bad this movie is

Carlos I (fr) wrote: The First reality T.V. show movie.... Yeah I dont no how that works. IF any of you are big fans of the Suicide Girls or any horror movies, this movie is a must see

ZACHO D (au) wrote: This was visually intoxicating and quite the experience.

dude m (ca) wrote: The "Amazing" Spider-man, a terrible reboot of the great trilogy of movies. The cast look nothing like they did in the originals and this is Spider-man 3 all over again going for a more edgy approach.

Steven B (nl) wrote: well i liked it. maybe because I am that man. bags under the eyes too.

gunika a (de) wrote: wat a body they have

AW C (de) wrote: The film sets up a fantastic lead character and story, but clogs it up with subplots.

Karl E (it) wrote: not as good as aracnophobia. Kids enjoyed it though.

William W (ca) wrote: Some really fine comedic set-pieces to see here, though studio ideas to both pad the length with silly musical numbers and broaden their prospective audience (and thus coffers) with romance and the aforementioned songs weren't the brightest in the world. Still a good comedy that's essential watching for fans of both the duo and of that era of comedy in general.

Paul J (br) wrote: Astonishing pre-cursor to Baraka and Koyannisqatsi. It's a film that could be put in a time capsule and sent off into space. It sums up so much about us as a species. Not to mention the remarkable editing and technique on display. This was a film light years ahead of its time. Although, Alloy Orchestra's percussion score is amazing, Michael Nyman's score takes the cake. Absolutely mind-blowing.