The Warrior and the Wolf

The Warrior and the Wolf

Set during China's the Warring States Period (476-221 BC), benevolent warrior Chenkang Lu (Joe Odagiri) enters into a torrid love affair with a woman (Maggie Q) from the nomadic Harran tribe. Their relationship sends the warrior to a place where humans were once wolves...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:animal in title,  

The disillusioned general of an ancient Chinese army regiment finds himself stranded in a village populated by a strange clan with mystical connections to wolves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Warrior and the Wolf torrent reviews

Si J (es) wrote: Wow......! Tooo good...!

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Perhaps as entertaining and satisfying as a bowl of goat's spit on a cold winters day. It looks flashy and full of colorful music, acting, and decor with nothing of nutritious value or taste.

Ruslan B (fr) wrote: 1/2 3/4 1/2 3/4 1/2 1/2

Susanna K (ag) wrote: I like the complexity of the characters and their inner struggle BUT beyond that, the film wasn't great. The acting was pretty good but the plot could have been better. Its stupid to have such intriguing characters just to dilute them to fit one story. I saw gumbo but felt like I ate tomato soup (referring to the mesh of characters and their own potential elements). Not dvd worthy.... but worth a look.

Anna S (it) wrote: This was an OK movie, but he died in the end so I didn't really like it.

Scottie F (it) wrote: Freddy Rodriguez was awesome. Great young cast, too.

Christopher S (de) wrote: Fun, but far from director Umberto Lenzi's best. An entertaining entry to the zombie genre, with a number of memorably over the top gory set pieces. But it's never really clever or original enough to distinguish itself from the rest. Worth watching for fans of Italian exploitation, but nothing special.

Sebastian H (jp) wrote: decent film, and very important. but not for me... too light hearted, etc.. i dont know, I dont get the excitement.

Adam R (mx) wrote: An odd version of Romeo and Juliet involving New York gangs. I like it, but I don't love it. Some of the songs are good and some not so much. It is a pretty film to look at with beautiful sets, but it is a little too long for me and boring at times. (First and only full viewing - 1/21/2009)

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 (1941) All Through The Night MYSTERY/ SUSPENSE/ COMEDY Very relevent during it's time but extremely tame now starring Humphrey Bogart as leader of his cronies, Gloves becoming completely ligit, and then stumbling and clashing into a group of Nazi sypathizers! As I have stated before, this film was very relevent during it's time of release if one were to consider the time this film was released theatrically in 1941 which was during WWII and the public needed to see escapism pictures and this was one of them, but doesn't hold up now, since they're way better ones to be seen, whether on tv or on film! Theirs some nice action scenes shown here like the open elevator gun fight except that it's not like that throughout the film! 2 out 4

JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Not up to Hitchcock's best standard. Music (which is over-used) not on a par with Herrman's. Merry-go-round scene still spectacular but plotting a bit cumbersome, with police behaving like plods in the background almost the whole time.I agree with Bosley Crowther in the New York Times when the film was originally released that "the story does not stand". Hitchcock with his scriptwriters had drastically altered Patricia Highsmith's original story so that in major ways the plot hardly bore any resemblance to hers.Watch the English version/release which has extra final scene involving a clergyman. It helps the movie enormously.

Joseph H (it) wrote: I can't even bear to give this movie 1 whole star. This movie is a perfect example of why you should never make super hero movies on a low budget.