The Warrior's Way

Yang, the world's finest swordsman, packs it in and leaves Japan to find an old friend in the Wild West rather than kill the infant queen of a rival clan

howdowns are inevitable, but once the sword is drawn, can Yang find rest, a home, and a family?. As long as Yang keeps his sword sheathed, his rivals won't find him, but a band of reprobate gunmen terrorize the town and threaten Lynne. He carries the baby to his friend's desolate, broken-down town; the friend has died, so Yang reopens a laundry and settles down, hanging wet clothes, growing flowers, raising the infant, and finding himself attracted to Lynne, a red-haired woman with a tragic past. Yang, the world's finest swordsman, packs it in and leaves Japan to find an old friend in the Wild West rather than kill the infant queen of a rival clan

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Users reviews

D V (es)

This just looks bad, even though it has DJ Qualls

Daniel C (nl)

The voice actors were despite the fact that they do not have much experience being voice actors since theu do more live action. Fun film for children and family to enjoy. Beautiful animation and fun characters throughout tue movie

Dann M (ag)

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David J (jp)

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Dawn K (mx)

really enjoyed watching this one!. Ann Sheridan has a very "feminist" role here -- probably shocking for the time. WAY less frantic than "My Girl Friday", which was welcome. Cary Grant is lovely in this one. Funny movie

James D (es)

It was a good movie!!!

Jenome R (mx)

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jimi p (ca)

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Karan B (jp)

rench ;). 13's my lucky number 3. French 2. The reasons I love this film: 1

Kenneth H (ag)

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