The Wash

The Wash

With the rent due and his car booted, Sean (Dr. Dre) has to come up with some ends...and fast. When his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc (Snoop Dogg), suggests that Sean get a job busting suds down at the local car wash.

With the rent due and his car booted, Sean has to come up with some ends... and fast. Things get complicated when his roommate Dee Loc Snoop Dogg suggests he join him as an employee at the local car wash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (jp) wrote: Derivative, scare-free and mining a source that has been completely played out. Terrible across the board - acting, dialogue, camera work. Also what is quite possibly the worst death scene ever (thank you Jason Williams) and definitely the worst ending ever. Ultimately pointless, the only true question is how did this get made?

Gareth R (au) wrote: Seemed like a poor wannabe of a cross between Bladerunner and Book of Eli. Done really, really badly.

Jenny P (au) wrote: A lot of people didn't like this film cause it was controversial (regarding the marital affair) but i loved it! My only bad comment is that it was just way to long!

Iain S (nl) wrote: Pretty interesting story with Aidrien Brody being the highlight. Ben Affleck again is very poor as the lead actor, the accent put on was more an impression than an attempt to portray the character

Darryl B (jp) wrote: Eddie Griffin is funny as usual

WS W (es) wrote: Not a very interesting subject matter.

Nathan H (fr) wrote: One of the most intriguing documentaries I've seen in quite awhile. "The Stone Reader" is the perfect film for literature nerds and avid book readers, a movie that is all at once (a) one man's quest to find the author of a book he admired from the 1970s, (b) a meditation on an individual's reading life, reading habits, and the unique relationship formed between author and reader (there's a very sad moment when the filmmaker reflects upon the death of Joseph Heller, the first literary author he felt had truly spoken to him), and (c) a striking argument about the state of the publishing industry, and how marketing demands can kill an aspiring writer's budding potential.I really can't recommend "The Stone Reader" enough. The filmmaker sometimes comes across a little too heavy, but if you love literature, this is one of the few movies that will ever make you want to start reading (and reading voraciously) after the credits roll. There's a quick scene in which Moskowitz shows us his personal bookshelf, and as he discusses how it's organized, you start thinking, "Yeah, mine too. Oh, I've read that. That, too." Just as the film is a meditation on the conversation between author and reader, so too is the film a conversation between Moskowitz and his viewers: a conversation about all of the conversations we've unknowingly shared together.

Erik F (ag) wrote: OMG this was a horrible movie, doesn't even deserve half a star. wtf!

Jacob S (ag) wrote: 1 star to Roger Vadim, 3 1/2 to Malle, and 4 1/2 to Fellini

Tom H (kr) wrote: Great cast and special effects, but it's got it backwards. The mystery is easy and the laughs are, towards the end, elusive.

Marilee A (it) wrote: Humphrey Bogart plays a really Dumb Gangster,Joe Gurney, in this one. Seems to me you need to be a bit Diabolical & Intelligent to be successful as "King of the Underworld".Makes it too easy for Dr. Carol Nelson(Kay Francis) to avenge her husbands death & writer Bill Stevens(James Stephenson) to make a fool of him.

Aidan H (us) wrote: Barely-simmering pot-boiler with two of Hollywood's finest actors proving yet again that casting alone cannot save a dire script. With its jarring electronic soundtrack and superfluous religiosity, Stone aims deep but comes up empty, aided on its downward path by a weedy performance from Norton and an excruciatingly wooden love scene between De Niro and Jovovich. Avoid at all costs.