The Water Horse

The Water Horse

A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend.

A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend. But as the water horse grows larger, eventually becoming the fabled Loch Ness monster, he must protect his friend from those who would want to do it harm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jankovic P (au) wrote: Dokumentarac+Pakistan=sjajno

Anna B (mx) wrote: Not Woody's finest work (he concentrates on the flailing and stammering and forgets the jokes...actually that's a bit harsh, I had a few good laughs) but I'm always a sucker for movies that say "One Year Later" and suddenly everything's changed (I hadn't read anything about this movie since it came out) so that was pretty fun, even if he runs out of ideas in the second half and it slowly deflates and then ends with a shrug. I bumped the grade up a bit for Elaine May, as one should.

Karl B (mx) wrote: Brilliant film! Truly and really!

Justin B (mx) wrote: Not really funny, annoying and kind of boring. Has it's charms (only a few) but this one is mostly trash compared to the original or even the sequel for that matter. If you love the preceding films, it may be worth a watch, avoid otherwise.

Jacky L (au) wrote: if we were to play "whose side are you on", i'd be in robert's. the motley crew at the farewell party were pretty hilarious.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: Even in Paris, fashion models are morons. That's the central fact of this one of Eric Rohmer's unmissable Comedies and Proverbs series. An aging model, gorgeous and unmarried, is at the beach with her 16 year old cousin Pauline. Pauline is a virgin who wants to wait for true love, but falls hard for the first lunkhead cheating windsurfer who comes on to her. The model is full of theories about love, she blathers on and on lecturing Pauline. She's got the yaks like every model I've ever met. She believes love comes like a bolt from God. You just know, and you wait around looking fabulous until it happens. Meanwhile two guys are wooing her. One is younger than she, a former lover, and she just mocks him. The other is an older man, a slimeball, and of course she fall for him, despite that he couldn't care less. To him, she's a slab of meat. To prove the rule that model are insane, Marion, the model, wants to get Pauline away from the windsurfer by having her have sex with the guy who used to be her boyfriend, who is maybe twice Pauline's age. Nothing good comes of any of it, which is Rohmer's point, that love is absurd, and that women have great boobs and never get sand on them at la plage.

Jack G (au) wrote: Not exactly emotionally engaging to the fullest, but I was always interested. This story of a conman is elevated by Resnais direction and the writing from the late Jorge Semprun. The narrative structure takes a couple minutes to get into, and I'm still not entirely sure what Trotsky (yes, the one and only) is doing in the plot entirely except as a backdrop of the period and how Stavisky, I think, ultimately ties in with him being deported from the country to get out of his already asylyumed state. But the two main characters here are Belmondo, super charming as always but here his bullshit-artiste type from Breathless is given more of a dose of reality and even psychological realism, and Stephen Sondheim's score, which comes in from time to time almost too insistently, like a melodramatic friend asking to amp up a walk down a hallway or a tracking shot (though, damn, don't those tracking shots get lovelier with Sondheim's strings and horns backing things up). We want to see where this guy will go and how far he can take his schemes because we know there is ruin lying ahead. I think there was a point about midway through where I was getting somewhat restless, as to the thought 'Resnais and Semprun and company have shown us this character, his very sleazy yet undoubtedly charming way of being around people, but where will it go now, what will the movie do to keep things interesting'. And in its own way it becomes more interesting than just being a series of 'how will he get out of this' as it is 'it's time for the downfall, let's hear what his associates, doctor, lawyer, the love he didn't really have - that was the one thing in the film that, while nice and had certain, brief sensual mood, was underdeveloped - had to say ala Citizen Kane. And another fascination comes with bringing the theater itself into it. Stavisky/Alex could have made just a wonderful actor, maybe a protege of Stanislavski, but he decided to take it into the real world as opposed to just the stage, where he could read lines next to other actors but not as confidently as in a fine suit and cigar giving our fake money. Maybe that explains, in a metaphorical part, the Trotsky thing, since Stavisky himself was from Russia too: the best way to subvert Capitalism, perhaps, is to just make a mockery of it, fuck the system and get away with millions and millions, always with a smile and courtesy. It's a moody, entertaining ride, the French-socio-historical-political flipside of something like The Sting, also from the same time.

John C (br) wrote: Incredibly corny and cheap lines aside, Godzilla has much to offer for a turn of the century, popcorn entertainment sci-fi flick.

David J (it) wrote: Although cheesy, absurd, predictable, emotionally-manipulative, and completely lacking the grit of it's predecessor, "Rocky II" is still a gripping sports drama with a surprising amount of depth.

Prateek S (jp) wrote: 3 generations of same family sleeping with a common man.. well, the man is definitely living a great life.

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: With amateurish acting and repetitive themes too often seen in films of this genre, God's Not Dead will appeal to very few outside of its target audience.