The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman

Cheryl, a young black lesbian, works a day job in a video store while trying to make a film about a black actress from the 1930s known for playing the stereotypical "mammy" roles relegated to black actresses during the period. It was the first feature film directed by a black lesbian.

Cheryl is young, Black, and lesbian, working in Philadelphia with her best friend Tamara and consumed by a film project: to make a video about her search for a Black actress from Philly who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daisy J (fr) wrote: Loved this movie! Why didn't I learn about these amazing women sooner. So glad I know about them now. Awesome acting too!

Anthony I (fr) wrote: This movie had me, and totally lost me. You want to get bored to tears? Pop in this movie. If it sustained the constant, abstract, slightly disturbing tone of the first 30 minutes, all would be right. But then, nothing happens after that. I had to turn this off.

Matt G (it) wrote: So heart pounding entertainment, James Franco and Danny Boyle show off there best in this Biographic drama film on one of the most inspiring stories of all time and combined into one of the most inspiring films of all times. Danny Boyle recreates the tragic event of Aron Ralston's 127 hours stuck in a rock and turns it in a dark motivational heart pounding event of a lifetime, and the fact that It's a true story was even more thrilling. Ur not as much trill as Aron got when he got set free. This is such as thrill ride and entertaining true story to really focus on with a passion, this is a dream movie for all fans of Drama, Biographics or Danny Boyle films. Hats off to Aron Ralston and James Franco for pulling it off

Luke B (us) wrote: Like Blade Runner but with the replicants replaced with demons... and it's shit. Pretty much a carbon copy of many other Zone Horror TV films. It has it's fun moments and you can really relish in the poor moments if you enjoy the sort of self harm watching as I. Some generic kung-fu fights, filthy ladies who get naked and a leather clad protagonist. Tries to address issues such as morality but fails. Poor dialogue distracts from a poor screenplay in general so there's no escape. Still I was certainly enthralled when the strangely attractive nun changed in the last ten minutes. Bizarre.

Liana S (gb) wrote: There's bad good, and bad bad. This is bad bad. No redeeming qualities

Andrew K (ca) wrote: There are clever twists and turns in the script as the discussion between the 2 couples gets way out of hand but I have never found overacting funny. There seems little about this film that works better than it would have on the stage.

Aj V (gb) wrote: I saw this on TV not too long ago, it could have been a good thriller, but it lacks enough twists and turns and excitement. The story is predictable, and although there is a good cast, no one really stands out. I guess this movies is okay, though, it wasn't too bad.

Jayden C (de) wrote: not interested at all

Samuel H (fr) wrote: Frank Capra is certainly a master. I will say that I'm not in love with Clark Gable's performance as much as I was with James Stewart. Even so, It Happened One Night is wonderful. It's amazing witty and quite charming. For such an old movie, it has so much charm. A excellent watch for anyone who has the guts to watch a movie so old.

Shelby F (jp) wrote: love this movie it was so funny