The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead

A mismatched collection of conscripted civilians find training tough under Lieutenant Jim Perry and Sergeant Ned Fletcher when they are called up to replace an infantry battalion that had suffered casualties at Dunkirk.

The film takes place on a film set in World War II. It is about group of conscripts are called up into the army. Because of the belief, their sergeant and Lieutenant attempt to make them become a strong team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crae Z (kr) wrote: Guess I can't be a reliable critic since there is NO WAY I was about to finish the last half of this movie. The beginning was so terribly acted, written, filmed, not to mention horrible audio and makeup. Yikes. Count my losses and move on.

Andrew J (ag) wrote: This was interesting and kept me interested until the end.

Jenny M (de) wrote: Can I get that 70 minutes back of my life??? Found on Netflix in the Gay & Lesbian streaming section, the premise of the movie had promise but failed as a small theater group from Seattle with probably only a camcorder and a script filmed this movie about Gay Zombies. In the movie, a group of "confirmed bachelors" met up at a summer lake house for drinks and some show tunes and get invaded by other "confirmed bachelors" who got stung by a mosquito and turned into flesh eating queer zombies who will break out into a choreographed dance number if a good tune comes on the radio, especially one that is being held over one's head in an all out "Say Anything" moment. Stereotypes galore, I don't think this movie was to be taken seriously. Laughing at the absurd jokes and writing, this was beyond bad. The film, which apparently got many official mentions at various local film festivals looks more like a good you tube video than a bad film. Overall, the movie per description on NetFlix was captivating, the movie wasn't... although I could not turn away from this little film that didn't.

Alex F (ru) wrote: Tanto esta, como la anterior pelcula, hierven a fuego lento, y aunque no es tan buena como la primera parte, Benicio del Toro sigue muy bien como el Che Guevara, y la conviccin y seguridad con la que Soderbergh dirige sigue siendo palpable.

Tommy H (es) wrote: There's some incredible performances in this film. Even people who don't like movies about war may like this for the acting. In my opinion, Donald Sutherland is one of the creepiest actors and he's never been darker than in this film.

Robert P (fr) wrote: Loved it but that was a long time ago

Augustine H (gb) wrote: The best movie about the birth of a movie, striking a balance between the philosophical 8 1/2 and the sentimental Cinema Paradiso. Georges Delerue's score is classic.

John S (ca) wrote: Pale Flower is an intriguing noir-ish yakuza movie from 1964. It tells the story of a hardnosed gangster's involvement with a thrill seeking upper-class woman he meets in Japan's illegal gambling dens.

Chris W (it) wrote: Following the success of Godzilla, those crazy guys in Japan decided to make a bunch more giant monster movies, and one of the first after Godzilla was this film, Rodan.Like the basic plot of Godzilla, this film invovles the horrors of nuclear technology being responsible for spawning some horrific creatures. A group of miners are attacked by a giant caterpillar creature, but then the monstrous pteradon Rodan shows up, but after taking care of the caterpillars, Rodan, along with its mate, go on their own rampage, and the militarty really has their work cut out for them trying to deal with these flying terrors.This is classic, cheesy B-movie schlock. It's not great, but it's a lot of fun, and very, very entertaining. The biggest issue I had (since I'm able to overlook the limited special effects) is how a lot of these monster movies are prone to having lots of filler, which isn't a good sign since the running times are often very short. This one in particular is only 74 minutes.Aside from that, this is silly, dopey fun that you should consider giving a watch a least once, especially if you're in the mood to giggle.

emma s (ag) wrote: I didn't really pay attention to all of it, but I really loved the parts where David and Lisa were together.

Paul A (fr) wrote: A pedestrian retelling of the 47 Ronin. Nothing really to note positive or negative as it really just a bland rehash of an already done story despite the Game of Thrones makeover.

Gavin O (br) wrote: This movie has its decent parts but it also is a b budget comedy film so don't expect much from it that being said if you go into this movie with low expectations expect to be a tiny bit surprised but other then that don't watch it if you are a movie snob

Remi H (us) wrote: awesome the rock has done it agian