The Wayward Wife

The Wayward Wife

The ever-growing popularity of Gina Lollobrigida was a decided box-office asset when the Italian La Provinciale was distributed to the U.S. as The Wayward Wife. Lollobrigida acquits herself quite nicely in the tensely dramatic role of a much-put-upon small-town girl named Cemma. Seduced by a lad who turns out to be a relative, Cemma is tossed out of her home. Seeking security, she impulsively marries bookish science professor Franco Vagnuzzi (Gabriele Ferzetti). Bored by her marriage, Cemma doesn't realize the true value of her loving husband until it's almost too late. The original 118-minute run time was reduced for U.S. release.

Gemma, daughter of a lodger, is in love with her half-brother, but since she cannot marry him she ends up marrying a teacher. She doesn't love him and betrays him but is blackmailed by a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (gb) wrote: Patricia Clarkson is the ONLY reason to bother with this cinematic mis-step. None of the characters are developed, but worst of all -- it is impossible to like any of them. It feels like the movie should have been satire, but it seems to think it has something to say. ...It doesn't. Other than Patricia Clarkson is a great actor.

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Corina P (nl) wrote: My new favorite movie! They mentioned God and quotes of the bible... Just loved it.... :)

Eliel L (gb) wrote: Tiene su corazn, pero se pierde en una marea llena de chicles de perdedores que resulta ser divertidas por momentos, pero su gracia desaparece rpidamente.

Jonathan R (it) wrote: Because of this movie, I dyed my hair blue. The story is awesome and the ending is sad. Makes a great movie.

Lucretia A (kr) wrote: This movie was horrible! We turned it off after 20 minutes. Don't bother wasting your time.

xGary X (gb) wrote: Without a Clue is an amusing parody of the Sherlock Holmes stories in which the true genius is Ben Kingsley's Dr. Watson, Holmes being a womanising drunken actor hired to play the part. There's little here that hasn't been done before as Conan Doyle's stories have been pillaged for material ever since they were written, but the comic chemistry between the two talented leads works brilliantly. Michael Caine's clearly loving every minute of it and in combination with Kingsley's ever more disdainful and exasperated Watson, they make a great comic partnership. The plot is minimal, feeling like an upmarket Carry On story or the English cousin of Clouseau, but it's all done with such infectious, knockabout charm it rarely fails to raise a smile. Hardly a world changer, but a pleasant diversion on a rainy afternoon.

Joshua B (it) wrote: Oh wow, I truly love Gregory Peck in movies. In this one, he's authoritative, demanding, and in absolute control of his role. This 'history' movie was so interesting I actually watched it a second time just after the first time, having not gotten enough the first round. I recommend this older film to anyone, regardless of their taste in movies.

Robin W (br) wrote: It seems that Texas during in the 1960s was a supplier of some of the worst pieces of low-budget garbage in cinema history ("Manos: The Hands of Fate", "Zontar: The Thing From Venus", just to name a few), and "Night Fright" is no exception. In fact, the film's director, James A. Sullivan, was one of the editors on "Manos" and pretty much presents the same brand of filmmaking here: long stretches where absolutely happens and lots of scenes of people endlessly wandering around in order to pad the film to its scant running time. This is the type of film where you don't get to see anything interesting happen, but you do get lots of scenes of the characters TALKING about potentially interesting stuff that happened off-screen, and when the giant space gorilla monster finally appears, the photography is way too dark to really see it (or much of anything, for that matter). The film does have a few moments of unintentional hilarity, but too many scenes of utter boredomk to make it worth sitting through for B-movie fans.

Erik P (ru) wrote: Great Movie for kids. Helps teach them the importance of healthy lifestyle while still having fun.

Michael M (au) wrote: What we have here is essentially a standard slasher movie with a twist that is admittedly damn intriguing. The idea of death itself being the killer rather than an unstoppable shark like Freddy or Jason is actually pretty terrifying. Jason may be immortal and unstoppable, but he doesn't have the power of the whole freaking universe like death does, the ability to make everything in your environment a hazard. That's actually pretty scary, and one of the movies strong points. Despite this, it never feels quite as scary as it could. Tense sure, thrilling even, but not scary. The characters are all pretty clichd cartoon versions of people, but they get the job done, and I was at least somewhat invested in seeing them survive. The death scenes, which is really why people see these things, are pretty creative and the unique premise gives them a chance to do some intriguing stuff with them. It's an enjoyable movie, maybe not as good as it could have been, but about as good as what they sought out for it to be.

Markie M (de) wrote: A truly refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, this adventurous film written by and starring intelligent women is anything but predictable.

Mario P (kr) wrote: I loved it , the message & everything