The We and the I

The We and the I

The We and the I is the heartfelt and comical story of the final bus ride home for a group of young high school students and graduates.

A look at the lives of a group of teenagers who ride the same bus route, and how their relationships change and evolve on the last day of school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The We and the I torrent reviews

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Tabatha T (de) wrote: Could have been a little better but liked it

Anna (kr) wrote: I did not enjoy it - too predictable for me.

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chase (ru) wrote: this is maybe the 15th Kieslowski film i've seen in 3 months, and was the one i went into knowing the least about- and in a way it is a personal favorite. almost all of the other films i've seen were better films, better stories, but there's something about the sadness, pace and performances in this one that i'm real into.

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