The Weapon, the Hour, & the Motive

The Weapon, the Hour, & the Motive

A sexually-promiscuous priest is stabbed to death inside a church.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   italy,   priest,  

A sexually-promiscuous priest is stabbed to death inside a church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Weapon, the Hour, & the Motive torrent reviews

Laura M (au) wrote: I appreciate that they filmed their climax with the lights on and applied a little pre-CGI effects, but overall the movie was a little slow and nothing too special. I think it's one of those found footage movies that would have served better as a non-found footage horror movie

Luc L (jp) wrote: An outraging documentary.

Kevin N (it) wrote: Fast, funky, and just as fresh as the footage was in 1974, 'Soul Power' has as much rhythm in its cinematic construction as it does in its subjects. I went for James Brown, but what I got was a humble celebration of all kinds of music, with an array of talent ranging from B.B. King to street performers no one will ever hear of. That beauty of the festical is that it treated all its artists equally, and Levy-Hinte's careful filmmaking ensures this equality is understood and appreciated. The respect and encouragement Brown and the other star performers give the people of Africa is incredibly inspiring. And then there's the music- some of the most soulful sounds one could ever imagine.

Amber B (de) wrote: The first half of this was comical at times.Then there was the message: "You take nothing with you when you die except your good deeds."Much of the story dealt with doing good in the present to amend bad deeds done in past lives.I think the producers and directors had high aspirations and missed in achieving them.

Miguel R (es) wrote: Open Range strongly succeeds in being a brilliant, well-made western!

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

jay n (ag) wrote: Ann is very sensual and glam here, this was one of her biggest hits, the story is nothing you haven't seen before but she makes it worth your while.

Scott C (de) wrote: The private dick genre has never been my favourite. This one's good technically and the story is okay. Might have been a lot more entertaining had Bogart been in the lead.

Adrian B (nl) wrote: Henriette Deluzy-Desportes (Bette Davis) returns to a classroom only to be berated by young students and forced to describe her history, which includes a scandal. It begins with being a nanny for family back in Great Britain. Unfortunately, the husband (Charles Boyer) begins to fall in love and then starts to have an impact on the wife (Barbara O'Neill), who begins to threaten Desportes. Tragically, the actions eventually lead to murder and Desportes becomes the scapegoat in all this. Good acting, mainly O'Neill, and set pieces in this film are diminished by the length and pacing. A good story from a novel with too much of it used. This movie would likely have aged better if it were cut by 20-30 minutes.

Art S (ag) wrote: I used to watch the Mystery Movie on Channel 38 on Saturday nights with my Dad (who invariably fell asleep). The Rathbone & Bruce Sherlock Holmes pictures, Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto, and of course Charlie Chan. Dad prefers Sidney Toler but I think I like Warner Oland best. Here he is solving a mystery at the circus with his 12 kids (headed by number one son Keye Luke) along for investigation. Not the most compelling of mysteries but not bad once it gets going and Charlie even gets to construct a trap for the killer. Of course, in movies like this, you have to see a guy in a cheesy ape suit. Still, these "mystery movies" give my brain a salve after a long week.

Gareth D (mx) wrote: One of those films that tempt the fast forward button. Could have been handled less pretentiously. A film desperately in need of a saving grace.

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: It's alright, that's all I got.

Matt R (es) wrote: Actually tolerable. Kinda funny. Likeable.