The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

In rural Westphalia, Franz Berger struggles to keep his inn open. On this day, a bluff, overbearing bully, Hermann Walzer, has booked the dining room for a wedding banquet for his son Mark. There's bad blood between Berger and Walzer, so when the first course, shrimp cocktail, is off, Hermann storms out with the wedding party vowing not to pay. Franz locks the loo door, taking prisoners of the bride and Hermann's wife while he also locks the estate's outer gates, leaving Hermann and the rest outside. Walzer, a pheasant hunter, lays siege; shotguns, rifles, grenades, a shovel, and other weapons leave no one safe. Will it take death to bring these men to their senses?

Screaming, shooting, tears and blood changes the party into a nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin L (ca) wrote: Not a novel concept, first introduced in Requiem for a Dream this movie doesn't come close. Somewhat of a twist it just kind of leaves you lacking any kind of excitement.

Denisa H (br) wrote: vybornej film!prijemne me prekvapil!trojan klasika:)....ale rada bych ho videla i v necem kde by nehral nejakyho blbce nebo cloveka zijiciho v jinym svete!

Janin W (de) wrote: A low budget film, but still enjoyable. What can I say? I enjoy movies with chicks that kick butt (lol)


Clive P (it) wrote: Gives you the historical perspective to look at Berkeley today and realize that The Man totally kicked our collective ass

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Graham S (jp) wrote: Love the series but you gotta run out of ideas sooner or later

Hans M (jp) wrote: This Agatha Christie adaptation is well directed with panache by veteran James Bond Movies Director Guy Hamilton.

Matt S (ru) wrote: "The only time you talk nice to me is when you're loaded." "Let's get loaded!"This was Vincente Minnelli's 3rd film released in 1958 and arguably the best of his career. Here, in glorious Cinemascope, Sinatra and Dean Martin are paired together on screen for the first time. The melodrama is typically late '50's, as is the sexism. The film remains a deliberate examination of small-town hypocrisy wherein everybody is leading double lives and working hard to keep up appearances. The drama gives way to straight-up thriller in the final reel, which is a lavish visual feast where Minnelli's style finally caught up with the script's substance.

Rebecca R (ca) wrote: I can't say i am real fond of old movies like this, but I can tell that huge amounts of work went into this one and that it was probably very avant-garde for its time. it is nice though to at last understand where the whole "shangri-la" idea comes from...