The Weekend Murders

The Weekend Murders

A family goes to a British estate to hear the reading of a will and while there they are murdered one by one.

A large family meet at the family estate for the reading of their father's will. Each expects to be the recipient of a tidy sum, but apart from the local constable and a few other small awards to the help, the entire estate goes to the favorite daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Mike A (gb) wrote: I want to see this and really hope it is the last!

Christina T (ca) wrote: Actually trying to watch it now on netflix through the wii, but it's stopping to load every 5mins...

Javier E (de) wrote: Pudo ser una anecdota cualquiera sobre un error administrativo, pero Joseph Cedar lo eleva a un interesante drama de rivalidades, rencores y sentimientos encontrados entre academicos y familiares del prestigiado gremio de investigadores en Israel. Ganadora de Cannes a Mejor Guion y nominada al Oscar como cinta extranjera (perdio contra "A Separation" de Iran). Vale mucho la pena. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Julian L (jp) wrote: If you've seen "Infernal Affairs" then this is of non-existent value. The scriptwriters try the same thing but in all honesty it almost worked but for the rushed ending or rather the "oh so predictable" finale just spoils it all. It explores human emotions more than twisty plots, that's what makes it bearable.

Lana M (es) wrote: This was the cutest movie!!!

Daria K (jp) wrote: this was dumb, the end

Scott K (kr) wrote: Excellent, too bad it took me this long 2017 to see it.

Andrea B (jp) wrote: I watch this movie adleast 5x a month! One of my Favs!

EightThirty (au) wrote: Phat Boy got Phat Laughs on PHAT BEACH!!! XD

Troy F (de) wrote: Police Story 2 focuses more on story than action this time around, which in a way is good, but at the same time for the worse as it makes the movie a little slow. The first Police Story had a good story, but had a lot of action sequences that were impressively executed. Police Story 2 still contains some impressively staged action sequences, but there are fewer and they never quite reach the impressive level of those seen in the first movie. I really enjoyed it still, but I'm slightly disappointed to say it's not better or equal than the first which is hard to beat.

Carole T (gb) wrote: Funny, moving, gripping. Well acted by all involved. Not one to watch again tho.

Brad G (fr) wrote: One of the all time great Kung Fu films, Five Deadly Venoms refers to a clan of deadly warriors trained in the skills of The Centipede, The Snake, The Scorpion, The Lizard, and The Toad. At least three of which have gone rogue and it's up to The Teacher's last student to hunt them down and Kung Fu challenge them. Plenty of great matches, but the climactic bloody confrontation is definitely worthy of its final fight placement. Loads of fun and the perfect starter for anyone curious about the genre. VF.

Kevin B (mx) wrote: ahh... dinosaurs and people not wearing next to clothes, two great tastes that taste great together

Christine R (fr) wrote: Timeless tale of a marriage grown apart. Walter Huston was wonderful as Sam Dodsworth a retired automobile tycoon who takes his wife of 20 years on European holiday to never be forgotten. His wife wants excitement and youth and begins to stray. All ends up ok when he falls in love with a widow more his speed. Forgotten gem, really great film.

Jake M (jp) wrote: Cool interesting story and made me smile a few times. But quite unenjoyable performance by Jennifer Aniston.

Tara H (ca) wrote: A fine British film with an excellent cast. The 70s setting was utterly convincing. I particularly liked Tom Hardy and Mark Strong's performances. Like Le Carre's novels this movie is a bit dry, but well-crafted nonetheless.

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