The Weird World of LSD

The Weird World of LSD

Feature film.

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Ashish M (it) wrote: One of the better Abhisekh flicks lately, it feels disjointed throughout.

Veronica B (gb) wrote: This movie is simply great. For me it is probably the best action-thriller I have ever seen. Thankgod for Korean films, I dont know how they do it, but the least good korean films beat the best hollywood film any day. This one reminds me a little of "un Prophet", french prison-thriller....but the "action-scenes" in this one beats everything Ive seen. If one could combine the dreamlike, horrible murder scene in coppollas "the conversation" and Jackie Chan, it would be something like this. Plus, it has depth, like others said before, its not simply for entertainment. Thankyou

Tit M (fr) wrote: beau portrait d une femme et ses sentiments c simple et sincere

Don S (nl) wrote: A concept that grew old fast. It might have been better if we had actually SEEN the teeth she wields on the hapless fellows who try to bed her. It is cute, but you know, horror movies shouldn't be cute. The dismembered members were not too authentic looking, and neither was the blood. Eh.

Robert C (au) wrote: I'm an atheist and a skeptic yet I found this movie entertaining.

Russell H (ag) wrote: definitely more entertaining that I thought it would be. It's a good take on family accepting someone different.

Benjamin W (au) wrote: A cute romantic comedy rife with coincidence. However, the ending is much darker than I would have anticipated when I started watching . . .

Miia K (us) wrote: The movie itself was quite boring and because I reflected it with the book, I was pretty disappointed. But the ending saved it all! That was awesome, absolutely blew my mind!

Rick V (it) wrote: Two couples become stranded in the desert

Greg R (it) wrote: bad...stiffly acted...built around a premiss that all of Hitler's problems could be tied to his affection for his be avoided

Saeed R (ca) wrote: Great acting by two hetrosexuals .

Carlos S (ru) wrote: He may have 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of Honor and 7 presidential medals of bravey but he only gets 2 stars in this dull comedy. That god for ghost sex!!

Jacob M (it) wrote: Out of the prequels this film is by far the best. Is it perfect? No. But there is still fun to be had. To me Ewan McGregor is the best Obi-Wan to ever grace the screen. He shows the heart of the character and the love he has for his fallen brother. The darkness of this film is something that has not been touched on much in the universe of Star Wars and it is welcomed.

Craig F (br) wrote: Runs of the rails early on and never recovers.

Arnie D (gb) wrote: A nice twist on the coming of age movie.