The Well

The Well

Vihir is a story of two adolescent boys Sameer and Nachiket (cousins, who are best friends) who struggle with their unconventional outlooks on life and family. They write to each other telling each other about their doings and happenings in life. They get to meet after a long time as Sameer with his mother and sister visit Nachiket's village for a family wedding.

Sameer and Nachiket are relatives and friends. Nachiket, who is the more mature of the two, wants to escape his stifling surroundings. Sameer does not understand this. Then one day, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claude H (kr) wrote: Funny movie we watched last night.

Marty C (mx) wrote: Not what I expected but I expected nothing less. basicly an outline of what those crazy guys have been doing with a lot of there time, with some kicker speeches thrown. Keep it up. Didn't care much for the hollywood celebrity input, it was like a pickup line from the dvd saying 'your not sure about all of this atheist hullabaloo are you? but you like these bunch of cute little guys and gals, why not give it a try and maybe get to second base if your lucky' (I'm not to deminish the famous opinions of the star of "Bad Teacher", and a pedophile).

Aung H (mx) wrote: Not a good stomp-movieSo boring!!She just shaking shimmyNot dancing too much

Stephen M (it) wrote: the hottest music documentary since that wim wenders fick about cuban son music!!!!!

Simon D (nl) wrote: Pretty indie film with a great soundtrack. This does have a bit more substance than most.

Richard C (jp) wrote: Count Dracula is as we all know this evil blood sucking bastard who just wont die there ahve been numerous movies made about the lkegend of Dracula but all is great ...

kelley m (kr) wrote: this movie is all about the real life and about what goes on in the world today.

Paul D (ca) wrote: It's pretty amazing how timeless this film looks and feels nearly 30 years on from its production. It's depiction and themes of love, desire and madness also stand the test of time.

Tim B (nl) wrote: Tough one to judge. It really didn't wear the term "slasher" on its sleeve well. Save for a few cuts and beatings, there wasn't much in terms of gore. Also, what kind of slut takes off her clothes and DOESN'T get naked? Weird. Surprisingly, though, I didn't have a bad time with this one. Hands down, it was Michael Ironside that was my main hook. His pussy "daddy may or may not have touched me" back story, his white-male supremacy shtick, his gay leather vest. PRICELESS! William Shatner didn't have much of a reason to be here, but he still shined because he's William freakin' Shatner! He just took over the situation in any scene he was in because he's that cool. Add to that the random funny bits (I love how Ironside gets in that hospital in so many different ways), a hint of lesbianism, and the creepy setting and you get a pretty fun slasher movie. On the downside, the movie felt funnier than it should have been at times, lessening the impact of some scenes. The movie felt disjointed and cut into two parts. There were also PLENTY of dumb ass moves and plot mess-ups here (dumb ass cops and a really contradicting "feminist" message for this type of movie). Lee Grant was also annyoing as on of the two heroines. But I can't help but dig these movies for what they are all about: FUN TIMES. I'm giving this one a higher rating than I should because it's that entertaining for me. Whoopeee!

Bill M (kr) wrote: Jacques Tourneur is adept at the spy movie (this), the noir (Out of the Past and Nightfall), the western (Great Day in the Morning), and the supernatural (Cat People and I Walked with a Zombie). Thanks TCM for the variety over the years! For a darker look at post-war Germany, check out Germany, Year Zero, by Rossellini.

Rick Q (br) wrote: "song of love" takes up a lot of time with the characters playing music, and while that is a huge part of the story, i feel that more time spent on developing characters and moving the story forward would have been a much better use of it's time. it gets a little extra points, however, for having a really beautiful and fantastic ending.

Joel A (kr) wrote: This has been labelled the must see musical of the 1930's...and in many ways I can see why. It showed the behind the scenes of these ever so popular musical shows of the depression era and even though exaggerated had some truth there.The acting wasn't to bad either...early 30's acting is normally quite frustrating but this seemed somewhat natural. It's amazing how racy this film was considered just sheerly showing a woman's leg...times have a changed.However the main reason people saw these movies was for the routines and finally this film delivered...good scene but didn't compare to what Busby Berkley had prepared for us for the years to come.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Visually this is still amazing and some of the effects considering this film is nearly 100 years old are still credible and impressive now. The plot is basically 'Dracula' so you can't go wrong. You can probably watch this film on Youtube now, so if you'e a fan of horror or classic cinema then it's really worth seeking out.

Panos Y (it) wrote: Seems to limp in many places, the decisions and characters are not so believable. Acting is good, but not perfect and the suspense is not so... suspenseful after all. Only as a second-selection.

Kenneth S (es) wrote: Inspirational and enjoyable

Grant K (fr) wrote: A completely unique, utterly disgusting and surprisingly suspenseful horror-western-dark-comedy thriller that whets ones appetite for good cinema.