The Whispering Shadow

The Whispering Shadow

A mysterious criminal known as The Whispering Shadow commits crimes by means of a gang he controls by television and radio rays. Jack Norton, whose brother was murdered by The Whispering Shadow, suspects that the eerie Professor Strang - whose ghostly wax museum contains figures far too lifelike - may be involved in the crimes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1933
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jewel,   television,   serial,  

A mysterious criminal known as The Whispering Shadow commits crimes by means of a gang he controls by television and radio rays. Jack Norton, whose brother was murdered by The Whispering ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Whispering Shadow torrent reviews

Greg W (de) wrote: ok not really my thingie

Boss Rean R (gb) wrote: Very consistent on the story

bill s (gb) wrote: Some real tough scenes to watch and more of a slower pace than I liked but in the end it all comes together.

Mithun G (ag) wrote: Insane film. Bruno Dumont is deranged.

Anand K (es) wrote: great kids movie and enjoyed by me too-an adult. Don't listen to the reviewers-these are the same guys that thought 'Hot Tub Time Machine' was hilarious. It has endearing characters and an amusing double story line....Hey-Iggy Pop wouldn't be in a lame movie!!!

Faley A (ca) wrote: I really donno what to say.. too much odd, cynic and vivid......................................................~there are two things in life that are dependable,," The delight of flesh and the delight of literature ''.

Coralee P (mx) wrote: I love to learn about the origins of music and of the people who make it survive. So for me, this is a great movie.

Adam M (nl) wrote: Incredibly average revenge flick. Unimpressive monster truck stunts and pg-13 violence really let me down.

Kj S (kr) wrote: If you grew up watching this and haven't seen it in ten years, go rent it now. If you've never seen it, go rent it now. If you just watched, you probably own it. Good for you.

Dave R (ag) wrote: Well I like the remake much better but they did try in this one to make it an action pack movie and I got a few laughs out of it and it was so cheesy but I don't expect anything from these older movies

Tony P (gb) wrote: What a gem from 1974. A film I had never heard of apart from its listing in Steven Schneider's 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.Directed by Roman Polanski and starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway it was made in the pre-blockbuster era and really shows the brilliance of the director rather than a few gimmicky CGI effects and laser beams!The film noir genre is epitomised by films from the forties shot in black and white and sort of detective thrillers.Here we have a Technicolor film from 1974 revisiting the genre.The performance of Nicholson as private detective Jake Gittes is mesmerising and up there with his other great roles.Gittes is an ex-policeman who worked in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles.Now a private detective in 1930s LA. He becomes embroiled in the private life of the chief engineer of LA's water and power department.Hired by his so called wife at the films beginning he later discovers it wasn't actually who she claimed.Investigating further what turns out to be so called adultery actually becomes a murder, greed and intimidation case involving the local water supply!The story could actually have been a screenplay for an episode of Murder, She Wrote but the performances of the cast and ultimately its direction by Polanski are wonderful to watch.It's the camera angles, the screenplay, photography that all come to the fore.No doubt you will never have heard of it but I would highly recommended it over the modern multiplex trash.

Bob W (it) wrote: Seriously poor special effects-talk about keeping it in the shadows! Overly predictable/inevitable/inexorable plot, but all star cast helps some.

Jonathan I (de) wrote: My goodness. This movie takes you everywhere! ALL THE FEELS!!

SailorMoon797 F (nl) wrote: IT'S A MYSTERY FILM OF ALL TIME.

Sofia L (ag) wrote: Its a Gd Comedy should wach with pals