The White Angel

The White Angel

Mala Ahmet, the old leader of a Turkish tribe is suffering from cancer. While running away from the compulsory chemotherapy in the hospital he suddenly finds himself in a nursery home where...

Beyaz Melek’ filmi; bir aşkın öyküsüdür.Bu aşk öyküsü, iki insanın birbirine duyduğu aşk değil, bir grup insanın hayata ve birbirlerine duyduğu aşkın ve sevginin hikayesidir.Filmde, doğudan batıya, mekteplisinden köylüsüne, gencinden yaşlısına sevginin her türlü motifi hem duygusal hem de esprili bir dille anlatılır. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wil S (ag) wrote: hilarious! of course! <3

Leon N (au) wrote: This film is just awful. It's just a painful film to watch. Yes, even Rick Moranis was bad in this film. Yep, and that's why it went straight to direct-to-video.

Wirkola F (mx) wrote: Un gran paso para la animacion, pero un pasote hacia atrs de ser una cinta memorablemente recomendable.Los personajes, siendo topicazos, son bien llevados a cabo, una OST bastante impecable y una accion espectacular.El problema es la historia, que empieza bien, pero que desarrollndose, se va por direcciones cuestionables, siendo por momentos pretenciosa.Como Pelcula independiente, est OK.

John S (kr) wrote: The Street Fighter is undeniably amazing in its brutal action, gore, and violence despite some difficult 70s cheesiness such as terrible acting and a hard-to-follow story. Sonny Chiba is a glory to watch. His intensity is brilliant even though the hammed-up angry faces are pretty silly. You may be able to appreciate it all better as grindhouse goodness, but I couldn't.

Patti C (de) wrote: I first saw this film 20 years ago and it's as mesmerizing now as it was then. Maybe more. Based on a story by the real Rampo, it's also layered with his inner life, the strange life of an author whose characters come to life, and the collapsing world around him (it starts with archival footage of Japan preparing for war). Satisfying and dislocating at the same time.

Lanning (nl) wrote: I just caught this the other night on Turner's month of Oscar-related films marathon. If you know me, you know that I'm not Ricard Burton's biggest fan. I know I'm in something of a minority, but seeing him play such a jerk as Henry VIII does nothing to help his cause with me. I mean he was nominated -- although not by me -- as best actor for this role in 1969, but like Hoffman and Voight in Midnight Cowboy, Burton was also up against The Duke as Rooster Cogburn, so you just knew that John Wayne had to be the odds-on favorite -- as in the proverbial handwriting was on the wall. I tell you, when Genevive Bujold's head comes off at the end, there is nothing I want more than to see Henry's head come off instead. Especially with that disgusting final line about heading off to Mistress Seymour's home once he knows Boleyn is dead. I love the way the movie closes with Bujold's voice-over predicting that little Elizabeth, her daughter, will be greater than any English monarch before her. And arguably, that pronouncement became prophetically true. Bujold herself was nominated for Best Actress, but for once I agree 100% with the Academy: Maggie Smith stands as the hands-down winner for her job in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I'm not really sure why Anthony Quayle was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I think Jack NIcholson had a better chance for Easy Rider, and I'll 95% agree that Gig Young did deserve it for a great job in They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Federico F (us) wrote: Good expectancy simulation surreal, but it was to be expected from the style of the two registi.Sopratutto the movement of the shots, the shooting, the settings and the way to survive the game

Raul V (it) wrote: I found this film enjoyable. Unlike most modern exorcism films the phenomena wasn't too over the top. I've read a few books on the subject and can say this was pretty close to stuff that happens. I enjoyed Hopkins as father Trevant most of all

Tiiano C (us) wrote: The most visionary movie of the eighties, far superior to the first two installments in this excellent saga. Poetic, kinetic, witty, poignant, it is the only movie I know to have ever managed to mix action with spiritualism in an effective way. Terrific costumes and set-pieces, clever screenplay, impressive characters and Mel's best performance as Max. Absolutely a classic, not just a movie but a life experience.