The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover

An American woman with a British husband fights to keep her family together through two world wars.

London based American nurse, Lady Susan Ashwood, is at the hospital awaiting the imminent arrival of injured soldiers. She is hoping that her enlisted son, Sir John Ashwood II, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (fr) wrote: Chadwick Boseman pays a respectable homage to the king of soul, James Brown.

Bryan D (kr) wrote: A very powerful movie about the fate of all humans. It's a very interesting concept and thought provoking.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ajaypal S (ag) wrote: Brilliantly directed short films.........but the only thing that bugs me is dat why were all of these in one movie.......some stories had a good full movie potential............

Brenda Z (ru) wrote: I loved it! for reals, I cried a lot. For some people, this is a mediocre movie... but it's so wonderful in mine. Just think about the following: A girl who has a heart problem wants to live longer by getting a new heart, she gets the heart and she falls in love... but she feels rejected and she's suffering and she doesn't want to live. Yeah, it is drama, I know, but I love it! I am sentimental, so what?

Anucka P (jp) wrote: wow.awesome.The only thing is that.This is not the same anymore. We're in hell, buddy.

Josh M (it) wrote: Dreams on top of dreams on top of dreams. When does reality set in? Is there even a story here? Where is Pinhead? Why put him on the cover when he barely makes an appearance? Hellraiser has lost its roots entirely and now we are forced to watch low grade movies that are high jacking the Hellraiser title.

Sara C (es) wrote: A great film from start to finish

Gabrielle B (ru) wrote: Man good stuff! I love this movie sooooo much. It a classic pirates gold adventure!

Rosco B (de) wrote: "I want my Black Ninja! Get him for me!" Silly but eminently watchable old tosh from the halcyon VHS days of Cannon films and their seemingly unstoppable flow of "Golan-Globus Productions". Original 'Django' Franco Nero stars as Cole: an ex-soldier who has travelled east to learn the mysterious art of ninjitsu. Seemingly as soon as his training is complete, he is called into action by that old chestnut plotline: "ex-army buddy being harassed by hardball corporate cocks who want his oil-drenched piece of land". Thug-twatting mayhem ensues. The fight sequences throughout are pretty much complete bobbins, as only ole' Sho Kosugi (as the baddie 'Black Ninja', Hasegawa) seems capable of anything resembling convincing martial arts onscreen. Nero himself looks like he can't be arsed, and the numerous petty baddies do so much more bobbing and weaving around him rather than attacking him en-masse it makes you wonder why they were hired in the first place. Still, Nero's superb 'tache and blue-eyed stare go some way to make up for his lack of fight training. Susan George (of the original 'Straw Dogs' fame) plays his buddy's wife and has little to do but get taken as the pre-requisite female hostage near the end of the movie. However, earlier on, and more disturbingly; she is at first molested by and then enjoys a (thankfully unseen) consensual shag with Nero's ninja. Who is supposed to be coming to her husband's aid. Hmm. Christopher George (no relation) is the chief corporate villain (boo!) and a very campy one at that - he hams it up rather well while making endless demands of his minions and inexplicably conducting a bevy of synchronised swimming lovelies. Somewhat inevitably, sequels appeared (equally inevitably with little to do with the plot of the original) with Kosugi the only returning star (this time as a hero) in "Revenge of the Ninja"(1983) and the rather excellently titled "Ninja III: The Domination"(1984). Of course, Cannon followed up with the even dafter and more popular "American Ninja" movies (whose recurring star Michael Dudikoff turns up here, as an uncredited heavy). Indeed, "Enter the Ninja" is likely (and appropriately) the prime kickstarter for the cinematic ninja craze of the 80's; and its 'unconvincing Caucasian in bright ninja garb' schtick undoubtedly paved the way for Joseph Lai's Richard Harrison starring series of cut-and-paste nonsensical ninja-ness. For this reason, we either be thankful to Messrs. Golan and Globus or want to beat the living crap into them with some nunchakus: I'm still not sure which.

Neville P (kr) wrote: Interesting story on how Audrey helps a script writer get over his writing block

Branden W (mx) wrote: A classic, special gem for fans of the occult, as Marjorie Cameron plays a vital role as one of the sinister Sirens. Mermaids, sirens, freak shows, and moon magic defines this classic tale of evil lurking on the edge of the shore...

Tracey S (jp) wrote: Very informative even if you question the validity of The China Study.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Cute German film that points out how different the future can turn out with just a few small variant factors switched. It's one of those movies in which you can see more every time you look.

Hayley P (ag) wrote: So many "oh my god just grab that heavy object, right there!" moments.